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How many people in Sunshinepack Industrial QC team?
Dongguan Sunshinepack Industrial Co., Ltd. is rich in industrial experience and is sensitive about customers' needs. We can provide comprehensive and one-stop solutions based on customers' actual situations. As one of Sunshinepack's main products, air column roll has wide applications. It is mainly used in the following aspects. Based on the advanced equipment, Sunshinepack adopts scientific and strict management to improve the efficiency of packaging and printing. We are committed to designing various decorative patterns on the air cushion packaging with attention. Besides, we use adjuncts of various materials to protect the products. All these guarantee the high quality of the products. Sunshinepack is committed to providing customers with quality products. Customers are welcome to contact us. We look forward to establishing a long-term friendly relation with you! our company's main products include air cushion bag series.

How often does the urea filter change? Choose high purity vehicle urea, with almost no impurities in the product, the filter in the production process is more accurate than the filter in the vehicle, and there is no filter blockage! However, in the process of use, if the product is not qualified, the filter will be blocked. Therefore, choosing a good product is an important guarantee to save costs and ensure driving safety. Yilu Jie chemical industry has been employed for five years, import process export quality, Pacific underwriting, professional after-sales! Looking forward to your cooperation EBHigh purity environmental protection-packaging specification of urea solution for low-temperature vehicles at 25 ℃/-35 ℃: 10Kg * 2 packaging features: this packaging is filled with a new high-quality HDPE plastic pot with a filler diversion hose, filling is convenient and fast, avoiding pollution, no carton packaging, wooden pallets are packed during long-distance transportation, and can be loaded with 960 liters p

Can the household water purifier replace the fish tank filter? In theory, it is possible, but the actual application is absolutely impossible.First of all, the household water purifier is ultra-fine filtration. The most common water purifier can block 5 microns of waste, and the ultra-filtration can filter 0.1 microns of particles. if it is used for reverse penetration, can be fine to less than 0.01 microns. The ancestors said that there is no fish in the water, so good water is not alive fish.Secondly, economically speaking, the fish tank will block the white cotton of the conventional filtration system in a very short period of time due to food residues and feces generated by fish activities, the speed of blocking the filter core of the household water purifier is not expected, and perhaps changing the filter core once a day can not meet its normal operation.In addition, the main function of the fish tank filtration system is not physical filtration, but a large number of biochemical filtration materials

In raw water or wastewater treatment, AFF asymmetric fiber filter is used as an efficient and fast filtration equipment. What are the features of backwashing and what are the principles? The DECEAD asymmetric Fiber Fast filter adopts the asymmetric fiber bundle material as the filter material,Both the advantages of particle filter material and fiber filter material.When backwashing,Due to the poor proportion of core and fiber,The tail fibers spread and swing with the backwashing flow,Have a strong traction,The collision between the filter materials also aggravated the mechanical force of the fiber in the water,Make it easy for solid particles attached to the surface of the fiber to fall off,Thus improving the washing degree of the filter material,At the same time, the filter material has the backwashing function of the particle filter material.
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