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How about the minimum order quantity for OEM products?
Dongguan Dongguan Sunshinepack Industrial Co., Ltd. Co., Ltd is one of the world’s leading producers of air cushion bag. Sunshinepack always adheres to the strategic orientation of 'people-oriented, efficient, pragmatic and sustain-developed'. We focus on sincerity-based business and technological innovation during development. To gain mutual benefit, we strengthen the partnerships at home and abroad. air column bag can be applied to different industries, fields and scenes. Sunshinepack focuses on providing a variety of air column bag for customers. The performance of this product is stable, which is ensured our skilled workers. It enables the goods to be delivered to customers safe and sound. Dongguan Sunshinepack Co., Ltd provides good after-sales service and technical support for customers. It enables the goods to be delivered to customers safe and sound. If you would like to purchase our products, please contact us as soon as possible.

I bought an Aihui Pu 900 P water purifier with PP cotton filter element. do you need to add a metal front filter in front of PP? What's good or bad about doing this? No need, just add more money. There is nothing good or bad, just add a PP cotton filter core.

What are the requirements of self-cleaning filter for water quality turbidity? Self-cleaning filter requires turbidity of inlet water quality: the turbidity of inlet water should not be higher than 60 mg/L.The self-cleaning filter can only be used according to the rated voltage/frequency indicated on the nameplate.The filter should be maintained every once in a while.Before cleaning and maintenance,Be sure to disconnect the self-cleaning filter power supply.Please make sure that the wire plug is not wet before cleaning or you must dry the plug before reconnecting the power supply.Do not unplug the power cord with wet hands.Self-cleaning filters are only used in indoor aquariums.If the filter is damaged,Especially when the power cord is damaged, it cannot be used.Please make sure that the self-cleaning filter works in the correct water level,The filter cannot be used without water.Do not disassemble or repair without permission,To avoid danger or damage to the body,

What is the density of quartz sand? Density of quartz 2.65,Quartz sand also depends on particle size.Generally considered in 1.6-1.Between 7.The density of quartz sand is 2.2-2.3G/cubic centimeter.That is, the water 2.About 2 times.Sand with a particle size of about 100 mesh,The gap between particles is very small,The overall density is not much lower.2.65 is true density = equivalent to true density under the complete crystal structure of silica.Proportion of quartz 2.65,2.65 is true density = the actual density under the intact crystal structure of silica 1.6 accumulation density = sand with a certain number of mesh,Pile up,There are gaps in the center.Divide the weight of this pile of sand by the volume of the pile.Throw the sand into a measuring cylinder with water,See how much the volume changes,Dividing the sand mass by the volume is the true density. the accumulation density is not used for water.Density of quartz sand,Accumulation density of quartz sand,Proportion of quartz sand,It is al
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