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How about the application prospect of air inflatable bag ?
Dongguan Sunshinepack Industrial Co., Ltd. upholds a spirit to be down-to-earth and fearless in the development. Now we have many honors and certifications. Sunshinepack is located in the place with traffic convenience. Besides, there are logistics companies leading to domestic and international markets. All this make an advantageous condition for the transportation of goods. Sunshinepack is rich in industrial experience and is sensitive about customers' needs. We can provide comprehensive and one-stop solutions based on customers' actual situations. With a focus on packaging and printing for many years, Sunshinepack runs multiple automated production lines. High in production efficiency, favorable in price and fast and convenient in delivery, we are capable of providing efficient ODM/OEM services.

What are the cutting fluid filter materials and what are the cutting fluid filter papers? Where do you have oil filter equipment in Jiangsu,Cutting fluid filtration equipment,Yantai Chengbo machinery technology for such equipment as filter paper provides filter paper with a width of 500 and 700,Matching grinding machine filter equipment, pull liquid filter equipment cutting fluid filter paper material is generally two kinds of polyester and polypropylene, of course, different filter equipment or use occasions,The filter fluid used is different from the general grinding process,Commonly used width 400 520 700 1000, etc.Applied to industrial non-woven filter paper is also called oil filter paper,It is the core part of supporting filter equipment,There are many types of filter paper,Different supporting methods in various fields,The selection filtering accuracy is also different.First of all, understand the application field of filter paper: filter paper is mainly used in the mechanical processing industry, such

Is there a filter for the fish tank? It's nonsense to change water once a year!Is the fish tank of the building owner a JBEO bullet tank? the fish tank filtration system of the bullet tank is still very good.Change water?It depends mainly on you.If the fish are raised well, it should be no problem to change the water once or twice a year.1. don't feed more fish often,If the fish can't be eaten, the garbage will affect the water quality two 2: The fish tank should not be placed in direct sunlight.The real grass and fake grass in the fish tank will produce algae Moss!Affect beautiful.Three: There are 3-in the filter tank above the fish tank-5 pieces of filter cotton.It is the impurities and sundries that the deep water pump draws from the fish tank.After a long time,The filter cotton will be very dirty,You just need to change the filter Cotton frequently.4: try not to buy fish with more feces!Can do the above points!Your fish tank will definitely be very clean and clear!Change the water!Just don't have to chang

What is mechanical filtration and what equipment is there? Such as sand cylinder, multi-media filtration, activated carbon filtration, etc,The filter medium is hard particles,Uniform distribution of filter materials along the direction of filter flow,Therefore, the specific surface area is small, the amount of sewage interception is small, the filtration speed is slow, and the filtration accuracy is low,,The filtration rate is generally 10 m/h.Below m2,The advantage is that it is easy to reverse wash and regenerate;Elastic fiber filter material,Including fiber ball filter material and fiber bundle filter material,Fast filtration speed, high filtration accuracy,However, the amount of interception is limited,Backwashing is not possible,Not easy to regenerate,Built-in air bag for filter equipment,Difficult management,The filter speed is generally 20-50 m/h.M2,;Now the traditional process will be replaced sooner or later,Fiber filters are now more and more used by enterprises.For example: the AFF (asymmet
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