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How about market influence of Sunshinepack?
Higher customer satisfaction is the chasing target of Dongguan Sunshinepack Industrial Co., Ltd. brand. Welcome to visit our factory! Sunshinepack, the Domestic Extraordinary Manufacturer in the Manufacturing Packaging & Printing Packaging Bags Industry Sunshinepack's air pillow has been further improved based on advanced technology, as reflected in the following aspects. Sunshinepack has an excellent team consisting of talents in R&D, production and management. We could provide practical solutions according to actual needs of different customers.

How to choose the material of dust filter bag? Dust removal filter bag is the heart of the bag filter during operation,Usually, the pulse filter bag of the cylinder type is suspended vertically in the dust collector,Dust-containing gas enters the dust collector from the air inlet,Through the guide plate of the ash bucket,So that some large particles of dust in the gas are separated by the action of inertia force,Fall directly into the Ashes,Dust-containing gas enters the filter bag filtration area of the box,The vast majority of dust was arrested on the outer surface of the filter bag,And clean gas enters the inside of the filter bag through the filter material,After the purified gas enters the upper box through the filter bag mouth,Then discharged by the air outlet.The cage inside the filter bag is used to support the filter bag,Prevent the filter bag from collapsing,At the same time, it helps to clear and redistribute dust cakes.Acrylic needle felt,Chemical name pan,It is used as a raw ma

How to distinguish filter efficiency and efficiency? The initial effect is generally a plate frame structure,Bag form and mesh form.The average effect is in the form of bag or box.Efficient general use is efficient without partitions,Box no partition efficient.I just listed some of the commonly used roller blinds,No partition box,There is no partition in effect and so on.Other identification methods look at their colors,Specifically, you can directly look at the marking level on the filter.Now the filter manufacturers are generally standard European standard EN779 is a junior high school effect.The initial effect is G1-G4.The medium effect is M4-F9 or F4-Efficiency is implemented according to the EN1822 standard. Specifically, sub-efficiency E10-E12 high efficiency-14 super efficient U15-17.There are 99 efficient labels.999 @ MPPS also marked 99.999 @ 0.
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