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holiday shipping tips and deadlines

by:Sunshinepack     2019-09-09
It is only 10 days from Christmas and it is our responsibility to receive gifts and letters by the deadline so that they can arrive in time.
The Postal Service is expected in December.
The 15 th will be the busiest mailing day of the year.
Vera Gibbons reminds major airlines of the holiday shipping deadline and the correct way to package gifts to ensure they arrive in good condition.
For those of us who post gifts, to save money, it\'s better to post them earlier, Gibbons said.
Delay will cost the shipper.
It\'s too expensive if you wait until next week.
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Postal Service place: December.
16 priority mail: December.
Express delivery: December.
23 FedExGround: December. 17Two Day: Dec.
22 consecutive nights: December.
Rising on the 23rd: December.
Three days: December. 19Express: Dec.
22 air the next day: December.
23 Most standard online shipping offers will expire on or before December. 19.
Although a lot earlier than this.
Go to dealhack.
Com/fast deadline
Reference Guide for delivery deadlines for more than 150 major online retailers.
Holiday Shipping tips 1.
Pack each item with a 2 inch cushion-
Foam packing, air pillow, peanut packing.
One of the biggest mistakes people make is that they underestimate the amount of packaging they need.
A good place if you need supplies is Ulin. com2.
Avoid old boxes.
If a box is shipped in large quantities, it loses its strength/integrity.
You would like to use a new corrugated carton that is designed for shipping and is labeled inside and outside.
Use the correct tape.
No tape, no masking tape, no cellophane tape, no rope (
Can the conveyor belt get stuck).
Professional use-
Packing Tape 2 inch wide.
The adhesive on other tape breaks down. . . 4.
All food should be sealed in a closed container or plastic bag before putting in the gift box and shipping box.
Meat, cheese, fruit, should be shipped on Monday and Tuesday. or Wed.
Ideally, pass the air the next day.
Marked as \"perishable \". \"5.
It\'s okay to go there with strange professionals. shaped boxes.
You can try the double case and make sure to wrap the edges with a dull angle of foam or cardboard, or you can leave it to professionals ---
UPS Store, Fed Ex, Kinkos, DHL authorized shipping center--
The packaging specialist is there to ensure that the gift is properly packaged and arrives on time and complete.
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