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harrison odjegba okene survived 3 days in air bubble under water

by:Sunshinepack     2019-08-25
Buried on a subverted tugboat at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, everything that Harrison Ogiba Okan has ever owned
The supply of oxygen in air bags is getting less and less.
Watch rescue videos on mobile devices?
Click here to watch the rescue video the Nigerian chef survived three days on his sunken boat.
The video released on the Internet after more than six months of Okene saving May has gone viral this week.
When the temperature dropped to the freezing point, Okon, wearing only boxer shorts, recited the last Psalm sent by his wife via text message, sometimes called salvation prayer: \"Oh, God, save me in your name. . .
The Lord is my life.
\"Until today, Okon believes his rescue after 72 hours under 30 metres deep water is a sign of divine relief.
11 other seafarers on board Jascon 4 were killed.
According to Tony Walker, project manager at DCN Diving in the Netherlands, divers sent to the scene were only looking for bodies.
When divers were deployed, they were working in a nearby oil field 120 kilometers away and they had pulled up four bodies.
So when a hand appears on the TV screen, Walker is monitoring on the rescue ship to show what Jascon divers see and everyone thinks it\'s another body.
\"The diver admitted that he had seen the hand and then, when he went to catch it, the hand caught him!
Walker said in a telephone interview on Tuesday.
\"It\'s terrible for everyone,\" he said . \"
\"For people who are trapped because they don\'t know what\'s going on.
It shocked the diver when he was looking for the body below, we [
In the control room
He fought back when his hand caught him on the screen.
\"\'He\'s alive\' in the video, Okene\'s rescuers make a sigh of fear and shock, and then as the realization begins, happiness begins.
Okun recalled hearing: \"There is a survivor! He\'s alive.
Walker said it was impossible for Okun to hold on for so long.
\"He is very lucky, he is in an air pocket, but he will be in a limited time [before]. . .
He can\'t breathe anymore.
\"The complete video of the rescue captured by divers was released by DCN Diving after the request of The Associated Press.
Initially, a shorter version of the rescue appeared on the Internet.
Through conversations with DCN employees in the Netherlands, the authenticity of the video was confirmed.
The video showing Okene is also consistent with other photos of him on the rescue ship.
The Associated Press also contacted Okene on Tuesday to confirm the incident.
Orken\'s torture began at about 4: 30 a. m. m. on May 26.
He was always an early morning man, and while he was mopping in the toilet, one of the three men who were mopping in Nigeria\'s oil --
The waters of the rich delta, suddenly bumpy, and then turned over.
In an exclusive interview after being rescued by the Nigerian national newspaper, Okene said: \"I am at a loss and it is dark everywhere because I was thrown to the other end by one end of the small compartment . \".
He groped out of the toilet and tried to find a vent to open the door as he moved on.
He found some tools and a life jacket with two flashlights in his shorts.
When he found a shipwreck hut that felt safe, he began a long wait, and as he played back the mental tape of his life, it was getting colder and colder --
I remember his mother, his friend, mainly the woman he got married five years ago. he hasn\'t had a child with her yet.
She was worried about his colleagues.
10 Nigerians and Ukrainian captains, including 4 young students from the Nigerian Maritime Academy.
They will lock themselves in the cabin, a standard procedure for an area that pirates follow.
When he heard the sound of a fish, shark or barracuda, he was really worried that he was eating something big and fighting for it.
When the water went up, he made a shelf on the platform and piled up two mattresses on it.
According to his interview with The Nation: \"I started calling out the name of God. . . .
I began to recall the verses I had read before going to bed.
I read the Bible from Psalm 54 to 92.
That night, when my wife called me before I went to bed, she sent me a poem to read to me.
\"He survived with only one bottle of Coke, and it was all he needed during the trauma.
When Okon heard the sound of the ship\'s engine and anchor falling, he told The Nation that he really thought he would die, but did not attract the attention of rescuers.
Considering the size of the boat, he thought it would take a miracle for divers to find him.
So he waded through the cottage, stripped the wall off to the body of steel, and then hit the wall with a hammer.
But, \"I heard them move.
They\'re far from where I live.
\"When he was rescued, his relatives were already told they were dead.
O\'ken maintains faith in the Psalms he recited, and the Psalms promise to \"thank God in your name\" in the service of his Redeemed Christian God church \".
He was rescued by a diver who heated him with hot water and then tied him to an oxygen mask.
After he left the wreck, he was put into the decompression chamber and returned safely to the water.
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