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good gear: beach kit

by:Sunshinepack     2019-09-06
Solar barbecue. what\'s going on?
A mess of barbecue?
Cookup Inox runs in the sun: set it up on the beach, pop up on your chicken or sausage, go swimming, grill heated to 200C and you can have lunch soon
Not when it\'s cloudy.
It\'s not a real problem now.
Buy at one of the two Cumberland stores in London or at the number below. £250;
0844 848 4000 2.
The flocked vinyl PVC ticket checking board is an inflatable pillow with an overall cushion. Blow it up (
Two minutes)
Sit down and watch the world go.
Although we think it is best for Sandy sunset, it can still be used anywhere. £15;
Wic7738 3004, wicket. co. uk 3.
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