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Goals Intended for Food Packaging and Labeling

by:Sunshinepack     2020-04-07
A good packaging of content ensures that the product reaches the end product with safety and security, in short - in their original form. Hence, packaging and labeling is very crucial to handle, especially if it is a food item. This is due to the reason that they are directly consumed by the user and any fault or lack of standard in the packaging and labeling may lead to some serious consequences. Packaging and labeling has to maintain the standard for food items and must achieve following goals: Barrier protection - Packaging should act as barrier for air, water vapor, dust, etc. Since food item can be in liquid form such items should be leak proof to protect it from loss during transportation. Physical protection - The objects or content enclosed in the package should be protected from, external things that may cause damage like, vibration, shock, temperature, humidity, compression, etc. Type of protection may vary with the form of food item. Containment or agglomeration - It means handling of edibles should be easier while transporting. For this, smaller items are typically grouped together i.e. agglomerated in single package. Similarly, liquids, powders and granules are contained in smaller packs in variable sizes. Marketing - Packaging and labeling is also subject to marketing. Attractive packaging and colorful labeling can encourage potential buyers to buy the product. Design of packing and printing therefore matters a lot when it comes to draw customer's interest. Information transmission - This is a part of labeling. On the label of package, some basic information has to be transmitted related to transportation, uses, recycling, or dispose of the package or content. That means the pieces of information can be for everyone in the loop of selling and buying, including transporters, sellers and consumers. Convenience - Packaging should be featured with the convenience of distribution, stacking, handling, display, opening, closing, sale, use, and reuse. The model of pack should be designed to last as long as the product is used. Security - The primary objective of packaging is to reduce the security risks of shipment. Distance of shipment is never known so packaging must ensure that the product will reach its destination safely and securely. Not only that product should be damage free, but also must not be tampered. Packaging and labeling both has equal and important role in making any food product reliable for users. This is the reason why some basic goals have been intended while packaging and labeling of food items.
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