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gardening: saving seeds for the future

by:Sunshinepack     2019-09-04
Tips on how to store Garden Seeds
The promise of future harvest, and how plants guarantee their survival generation after generation, seeds are the promise of future harvest, and how plants guarantee their survival generation after generation.
Your grandparents keep the seeds year after year, not only because they are frugal, but also because it is difficult to get a specific variety that suits their location.
Saving Seeds remains a common practice on farms and around the world.
Seeds or seed products are an important part of our diet and the economy of the province of SA
Bread and pasta we ate
Wheat seed grinding powder)
The oil we use
Press from rapeseed)
The peas on our plate
Immature green seeds
Delicious, sweet, juicy corn barbecue service in the summer (immature seed)
And the sunflower seeds we eat.
They come in a variety of colors, shapes, sizes and flavors.
What they have in common is that they are embryonic plants with a bundle of energy stored (
Starch or oil, usually)
Covered on protective skin.
These properties allow the seeds to remain dormant until the conditions are ideal for seed germination and growth.
Mature seeds are dry and need to be kept dry in order to stay alive and dormant.
Hibernation is a complicated process, but once all the internal chemical hibernation mechanisms are broken, the main mechanism to maintain hibernation is water shortage.
However, hibernation does not mean total inactivity.
Chemical and metabolic processes are taking place, albeit at very low speeds.
Warm temperatures and oxygen supply help to drive these processes and may lead to seed degradation with loss of vitality, lower germination rates and lower seedling viability.
In addition, since seeds are essentially stored energy reserves, they can become food sources for bacteria, molds, insects, rodents and other animals.
So how does this information translate into storing garden seeds for the next season? 1.
Collect seeds from ripe fruits and remove any flesh.
Some crops need special treatment (e. g.
Removing rubber-like covering from fermented tomato seeds).
Discard seeds that are damaged, small or poorly shaped.
Note: seeds collected from hybrid seeds (
Usually sold as F1 varieties)
Will not produce realto-type seedlings.
Collect seeds only from Chuan heir or open air
Pollination varieties. 2.
Allow the seeds to dry in the shallow layer at room temperature for at least a few weeks.
Stir occasionally
Check regularly if they have mold or insect activity.
Note: There may already be corrupt bacteria on or in seeds, and some species of insects develop within seeds or exist in the form of eggs. 3.
After drying, store the seeds in a sealed container (
Plastic, glass, metal).
If plastic is used again
Bags that can be sealed and squeezed out as much air as possible.
If you are using a glass or metal container, choose a container where the seeds are barely suitable for reducing air space (
Glass and metal are great barriers against rodents and insects).
A small amount of seeds can be stored in envelopes, but they are bundled together and stored in sealed containers as described above.
Label your seeds with crops, varieties and dates. 4.
Store them in cold, dark, dry spaces.
Because this slows down metabolism and chemical processes, limits the growth of mold and bacteria, slows down or kills many insects, the refrigerator is ideal.
If not stored in the refrigerator, check regularly for deterioration and insect activity. 5.
Keep the seeds dry.
Tip: include one or two silicone packs, such as packages that are often used with packaging materials and pills.
Information about preparing specific types of seeds for storage (e. g.
Tomatoes, pumpkins, beans)
View available resources for Saskatoon Seed Library (
Cartoon Library. ca)
Seeds of diversitywww. seeds. ca)
Or your local library.
Erl garden of Saskatoon, sometimes tweets (@ErlSv).
This column is provided by the Provincial Association for the year round (SPS;
Saskperenniya @ hotmail. com ).
View our website (www. saskperennial. ca)
Or Facebook page (www. facebook.
List of upcoming gardening activities: Friday.
Saturday and 28 th29, 10 a. m. to 4 p. m.
, Canadian Prairie Lily Association-sells autumn lily bulbs at Lawson Heights mall, 134 Saskatoon Cherry Blossom Avenue each year; Saturday, Sept. 29, 9 a. m. to 4 p. m.
At the Victoria Plaza shopping center in Regina, peony root, the prairie Peony Association.
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