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from till packer to dr hadebe: maties graduate keeps his promise to gran

by:Sunshinepack     2019-08-18
Xolani Hadebe, 27, has always dreamed of becoming a doctor, but the initial prognosis is not optimistic --
He received a rejection letter from all medical schools across the country and he did not have the money to study.
He and his siblings were raised by single mother Rita Elizabeth in Piet Retief, Mpumalanga, who managed to earn his degree in a rural school
Despite his situation, Hadebe did not take himself out of the race and ended up packing his bags at the local Spar so he could save money and plan the way forward.
He was eventually admitted to the University of steenbos, and this week, he graduated with his proud mother and some of his brothers and sisters around him.
He told News 24 on Wednesday: the daughters of the steenbos farm workers are more likely than they are to become doctors. \"It\'s great, it\'s very exciting . \".
\"I was overwhelmed and thought of all the struggles we had to go through in order to get this degree.
\"Working in the supermarket, it is difficult to save money for the university because he has to pack groceries for his former classmates.
He sometimes hides so that when they continue to study, they do not see or sympathize with him working there.
It was also difficult to receive a rejection letter from the University.
\"To be honest, I think it was my family who made me stick to it, like my mother sacrificed so much for us.
My grandmother used to call me a doctor.
Before she died, I assured her that I would be a doctor.
Stellenbosch graduhadebe recalled: \"Read it too: never give up your dreams, challenges, for example, go to makfako Makgatho University of Health Sciences in Pretoria, understand why his application was unsuccessful and why he did not get feedback.
He used public transport to get there late at night, and a campus security guard provided him with a place to stay overnight, which he was happy to accept.
Now that his studies at Stellenbosch have been completed, Hadebe plans to do a community service internship at a hospital in Newcastle.
\"It\'s terrible, but I\'m glad I work closer to home and can learn more.
I look forward to new challenges.
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