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factory-price inflatable air pouch inquire now for transportation
factory-price inflatable air pouch inquire now for transportation
Factory Price
Supply Ability
1,500,000 pieces per month
Payment Terms
T/T,L/C,Cash,Western Union,PayPal
Min.Order Quantity
3,000pcs/size,10,000pcs for ODM&OEM
SGS,ISO9001 and RoHS
Enterprise Strength
  • By now, there are over staff members in our company, among which there are members in the design team, in the R&D center, and staff in the after-sales department. All of them are well-trained.
  • With a focus on service, Sunshinepack Industrial improves services by constantly innovating service management. This specifically reflects in the establishment and improvement of the service system, including pre-sales, in-sales, and after-sales.
  • Sunshinepack Industrial focuses on the principle of "continuous improvement on product quality" and actively conducts R&D research before production.
  • For over years, we have been conducting the business of air pillow packaging so that we have gathered rich customer cases and can offer various design services to satisfy customers' needs.
  • We have been doing export business since our foundation and have partnered with customers from . Customers from these countries have been giving us great feedback.
Application Scope
Sunshinepack Industrial's air cushion packaging can be used in different industries to meet the needs of customers.Sunshinepack Industrial could customize comprehensive and efficient solutions according to customers' different needs.We guarantee that all of our products can meet the with strict QC procedure strictly conducted.
Company Advantages
1. Through the extinguished design of our professional engineers, our air bag in its inflatable air pouch rank top.
2. In a flock of inflatable air pouch , air bag has many merits of [拓展关键词 and so on.
3. air bag shows advantages in inflatable air pouch , and therefore deserves popularization.
4. The product sends a message that conveys style, purpose, and values. It can quickly catch the customer's eyes in a matter of seconds, giving the customer a reason to pick up goods and make the purchase.
5. The product states the item features, instructions to use and associated benefits. Apart from these, it also features customer support information enabling customers to contact manufacturers in case of any feedbacks or queries.

product nameshock-proof wine air column packing bag
craftheat seal
size before inflatableL240*W0.024*H410MM
size after inflatableL75*W75*H310MM
MOQ of spots goods3,000 pcs
MOQ of customized10,000 pcs


As everyone know,Wine is a necessity of our life. Red wine can not only beautify and nourish our face, but also help us sleep. Whisky is also an essential condiment in our life. 

In recent years, the sales of red wine on the Internet have been increasing, it is easy to sell wine. but the transportation of wine or other drinks has really become a headache for businesses. Traditional EPE foam packaging not only bigger space and a large volume of storage, but also has high production cost and transportation cost. 

Sunshinepack Industrial Co., Ltd. has been committed to the packaging industry. After a long period of research and development and testing, it finally launched this nearly perfect air-column bag packaging. It has good cushioning performance, small size, no storage, low production cost and transportation cost. The most important thing is that it can automatically lock air after inflating, saving labor. Its cushioning capacity is particularly good, the damage in the transport process is almost 0, once listed, it has won the favor and recognition of consumers and peers. 

Our air column bags support customization and can be customized according to the size of the product without any mould cost. Invite new and old customers to make new packing plan with us.



Different packing methods can be customized according to shipping requirements.
1.One by one

a few pcs  

700 pcs/carton(0.038m³/carton)

2.In 1 volumes

put goods into the bag,and tear it one by one



1.Q:What if the air can't into air column bag ?
   A:Just a gentle rub of the valve will make the intake passage unobstructed.

2.Q:How to lock air after inflating?
   A:No sealing is needed after inflating, and the air is locked automatically. Our air valves are reverse valves, which make use of air pressure difference and high pressure to tighten the valves to prevent air leakage.

3.Q:How long can the air be stored after inflation?
   A:After inflate, it can be storage for 3-6 months.

4.Q:What about it have scratch leakage air?
   A:After the single column is damaged and leaked air, it will not affect of other air columns. Other air columns can continue to protect the products.

5.Q: What's the maximum weight can it bear?
   A:The maximum bear weight of it is 200 kg.

6.Q: Does it passed the environmental protection certification?
   A:Yes,it already passed SGS environmental certification.

Company Features
1. Dongguan Sunshinepack Industrial Co., Ltd. can be counted as an international leader in the field of air bag .
2. The technical support of Dongguan Sunshinepack Industrial Co., Ltd. has improved the quality of airbag .
3. We strive to create products with better environmental performance and technologies that contribute to sustainable mobility, while our industrial activities can improve economic and social conditions. Contact us! We are active in some charitable foundations. We are working hard to reduce poverty and creating better education opportunities by donating capitals on building village schools.

Recyclable air packing dunnage bag for transport load securing




1. PP woven dunnage bag
2. Kraft paper dunnage bag
3. kraft paper and PP woven laminated


A. Safe QualityGood Elasticity
100% leakage tested, AAR, SGS, ROHS and ISO certified

B. Moisture resistant
Polywoven dunnage air bags are Resistant to moisture and water ingress


C. According to specifications of the goods and the resulting voids tailored to make protection more perfect


D. To improve packing speed; way check valve inflated or deflated fast


E. international quality certification
Inflatable bags under pressure after Swiss SGS testing and certification.


F. Reusable
In proper conditions of use, the inflatable bags can be reused, further cost savings.


G. recyclable
The various components of the inflatable bags can be easily separated and recovered, it is a fixed environmental goods Or material to follow a strict product testing, allowing you to use more at ease.


H. green, EASY OFF (Customs)




1. Only the highest quality inter and outside raw materials 

2. Manufactured under AAR, SGS, ROHS and ISO certified conditions

3. Every bag is inspected at the end of every interval of the production process

4. Sample bags are taken from the production line at regular intervals and subjected to a variety of leak and burst tests


·Polywoven dunnage air bags (From level1-level5) available

LevelLevel 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5
Load CapacityLess than 45000 lbsless than 75000 lbs75000 lbs-160000lbs160000 lbs-205000 lbsfor horizontal  roll paper application up to 205000 lbs
Max PSI3581010
Transportation ModeTruck Intermodal Sea containerTruck     Intermodal Sea containerRail VesselRail VesselRail Vessel





1.Please send us a picture of the damaged goods, our technical staff will find out the reason. If the damage caused by our mistakes, we will damage the number of customers in accordance with compensation.


2.If the picture does not reflect the reason, please send the goods back to us, our technical department will be examined in detail. If our technology is a problem, we will give you compensation.






30 x 30800 x 800 36 x 36900 x 900mm
30 x 36800 x 900 36 x 48900 x 1200mm
30 x 48800 x 1200 mm36 x 60900 x 1500mm
30 x 60800 x 1500 mm36 x 66900 x 1600mm
30 x 72800 x 1800 mm36 x 72900 x 1800mm
30 x 84800 x 2100mm36 x 84900 x 2100mm
30 x 96800 x 2400 mm36 x 96900 x 2400mm
30 x 102800 x 2600 mm36 x 102900 x 2600mm
30 x 108800 x 2700mm36 x 108900 x 2700mm
30 x 120800 x 3000mm36 x 120900 x 3000mm
40x481000 x 1200mm48 x 481200 x 1200mm
40x601000 x 1500mm48 x 601200 x 1500mm
40x661000 x 1600mm48 x 661200 x 1600mm
40x721000 x 1800mm48 x 721200 x 1800mm
40x841000 x 2100mm48 x 841200 x 2100mm
40x961000 x 2400mm48 x 961200 x 2400mm
40x1021000 x 2600mm48 x 1021200 x 2600mm
40x1081000 x 2700mm48 x 1081200 x 2700mm
40x1201000 x 3000mm48 x 1201200 x 3000mm

(1)  Only the highest quality inter and outside raw materials 

(2)  Manufactured under AAR, SGS, ROHS and ISO certified conditions

(3)  Every bag is inspected at the end of every interval of the production process

(4)  Sample bags are taken from the production line at regular intervals and subjected to a variety of leak  and burst tests



           We are specialized in the production and sale of container inflatable bags, mine inflatable bags factory. One inflatable bag to obtain national patents, patent number: 200920077928.4. We have ROHS testing as well as the American Railway Transport Association quality testing standards. The company has a large number of advanced, professional production equipment and testing equipment. Our daily output of 10,000. Container inflatable bags are widely used in electronics, electrical appliances, food, chemical and other industries, mine inflatable bags are widely used in mine blasting, customers can reduce the cost of transportation in the process for the storage space. In order to reduce your costs, we have been working.


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