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Deep well water can be used in the filter bucket? No.Well water is not filtered,It will contain a lot of impurities.Pure water can be obtained by means of electro-seepage analyzer, ion exchanger, reverse osmosis, distillation and other appropriate processing methods,Sealed inside the container,Without any additives,Colorless transparent,Drink directly.The process of pure water is strict,In particular, reverse osmosis technology is the most advanced and energy-efficient membrane separation technology.Originally used for desalination,The aperture is very small,Only 10-10,It can separate the range of ions in the solution and the organic matter with a molecular weight of several hundred,Remove dissolved salts, gels, microorganisms, organic matter, etc. in the water,To obtain pure, safe water.Reverse osmosis technology is to pressurize raw water through fine filters, granular activated carbon filters, activated carbon filters, etc., and then use the aperture of 1/10000 μm (equivalent to 1/6000 of the size of

The primary businesses of Dongguan Dongguan Sunshinepack Industrial Co., Ltd. Co., Ltd includes main areas of R&D and manufacturing: . Under the enterprise spirit of 'united, hard-working, truth-seeking and innovative', Sunshinepack constantly gained self-breakthrough during development and achieved the goal to be the forerunner in the industry. The air pillow produced by Sunshinepack is widely used. Sunshinepack's main products include air column roll series. Its quality is effectively controlled with the help of our advanced production equipment. It is the best-replaced choice of EPE foam and pulp plastic film. With strict quality control system, Dongguan our team Co., Ltd is dedicated to provide customers with quality products and services. Certified under ROHS, it's proven to be harmless. Your business talk and cooperation are sincerely welcome!

What is the difference between quartz sand filter and activated carbon filter? Some water quality requirements of sexual charcoal needles are higher. quartz sand is coarse filtration,Activated carbon belongs to adsorption,The two main functions are different quartz sand filters,It uses quartz sand as a filter medium,Under certain pressure,The water with high turbidity is filtered through granular or non-granular quartz sand of a certain thickness,Effectively intercept and remove suspended matter, organic matter, gum particles, microorganisms, chlorine, odor and some heavy metal ions in the water,Finally, it is an efficient filtration equipment to reduce water turbidity and purify water quality.Activated carbon filter is a commonly used water treatment equipment,As the pretreatment of water treatment desalination system, it can absorb residual chlorine that cannot be removed in the previous stage filtration, which can effectively ensure the service life of the rear stage equipment,Improve the water quality
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