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exclusive - honda opts for takata rival to supply accord air bags: sources

by:Sunshinepack     2019-08-28
Honda Motor Co. , Ltd. 7267. T)
The company has chosen 7312 of its competitors.
T provides airbags for the next North American version of its Accord sedan, which is the best for the automaker-
Two people familiar with the matter said they were selling vehicles.
Since the beginning of the Takata safety crisis, automakers have defected for the first time, and Honda, the biggest customer of Takata, will use airbags produced by Toyoda Zhangnan (7282. T)for the all-
People familiar with the matter told Reuters that the new association agreed to go public in August 2017.
Honda\'s decision to transfer the most important car in its largest market to its competitors was a major blow to Takata, after a security crisis involving its airbags forced more than 21 million vehicles worldwide.
Honda spokesman Akemi Ando said the company did not immediately comment.
Gao Tian did not immediately comment.
Shingo Handa, a spokeswoman for Mr. Toyoda, said that as a practice, Mr. Toyoda would not comment on customers.
Toyoda will provide drivers-
People familiar with the matter told Reuters that the North American version of the accord\'s side airbags and knee and curtain airbags.
Honda said last month that it has been with Autoliv (ALV. N)
Later this year began manufacturing replacement parts for recalled vehicles.
The Japanese carmaker also said it had started working with the inflator maker Daicel Corp . (4202. T).
From 2008, Honda recalled more than 13 million vehicles carrying Takata airbags, including more than 10 million in the United States.
Air bags manufactured by Takada for Kishida and 10 other manufacturers have been recalled as this defect makes it possible for them to break in the accident and shoot metal debris at passengers inside the vehicle.
The defect left at least five people dead and dozens injured.
Honda Chief Executive Takanobu Ito spoke privately about his displeasure with seat belts and airbag maker Honda Takata, who had dressed up, according to people near Ito.
Takada provides airbags for the United States. S.
According to the recall notice, the version of the agreement starts at least for the 2000 model year.
Honda\'s Ando declined to comment on the current version of the accord\'s airbag supply arrangements.
In 2014, Honda sold more than 388,000 agreements in the United States, accounting for just over a quarter of its total sales in the United States. S. sales.
The car is also a platform for other popular Honda models.
One of the people who knew about the Honda program asked not to be named because the purchase decision was still kept confidential, he said from the redesigned CR-V and the all-
2016 New Odyssey minivan.
Together, CR-
V and accord account for about half of Honda\'s U. S. market. S. sales.
Another sign that GM (Takata) is under pressure is (GM. N)
The third of Takada
The biggest customer said last month that it had developed an emergency plan if the recall of potential fatal airbags expanded.
GM said it had instructed Takata to share the specifications with TRW.
N and autoiv so that they can make replacement parts for top American carsS.
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