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eco artist uses popcorn to package parcels waste free

by:Sunshinepack     2019-08-24
I am a ceramic artist from the beautiful northern rivers of the new state.
I create something to help reduce waste such as ceramic cups and intentional, persistent objects.
With the popularity of online shopping and shipping, almost every industry has produced a lot of packing garbage, and I have been annoyed.
I noticed this situation with ceramics, which is a fragile item that is transported by a less subtle method (
Au post or courier can be rough sometimes! )
So my choice is mainly foam packaging or plastic packaging particles.
I was excited to look at some ecological options, such as cardboard or paper foam packaging or particles made of plant starch, but found that most of them are much more expensive than plastic packaging.
Of course, the environmental cost is far more than my financial cost and I decided that I would not ship it in plastic packaging no matter what the cost
But for most companies, this will reduce costs to a large extent.
While exploring options, I consider using popcorn
Basically the same as \"plant glue based packaging pellet\", but think-
A \"original\" version!
The popcorn kernals I use are cheaper and have not been processed, so it doesn\'t have to go through extensive processing to become essentially the same little balls.
I love that this saves transportation, water and energy by avoiding processing.
I used 100% organic spray free popcorn kernals and it\'s still greener in the end than a plastic replacement.
Popcorn was purchased in bulk from my local small business bulk food store and I filled it with a big drum that could hold 20 kg.
I just took out what I needed while I was walking, reducing waste.
I am using air Poole, it is very efficient and can pop up 99% kernals without the need for oil.
This is a good topic and I find that my customers like it.
It\'s easy to handle popcorn too-
You can put it in your compost box, bury it and feed it to your chicken or dog (
Moderate dog)
Feed the local birds or put it in your green trash can.
In addition to popcorn, I also use cartons to recycle as much as possible from local businesses --
And paper packaging tape.
Therefore, 100% can be packaged or recyclable-no plastic!
It may seem a bit crazy, but I like it if I can ship fine ceramics with popcorn, anyone can!
Think outside the box about what happened in the box; )
If you are interested in sallyflannery, feel free to check out more of my work.
Com or instagram.
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