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Customization of L-shaped food self-adhesive air-column bags   

Customization of L-shaped food self-adhesive air-column bags   

Our cooperation with Beijing Super Logistics Co., Ltd. originated from our Chinese website. The other party saw our company's information on the Internet when they were looking for suppliers, and made a field trip before purchasing. After recognizing our factory and quality, we began to cooperate. It has been more than three years since 2016. During this period, we have successfully cooperated with Q-type red wine air-column bag, L-type milk powder air-column bag, U-type mobile phone air-column bag, Q-type apple air-column bag, L-type gift box air-column bag and so on.                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

    In March 2019, they needs to undertake the transportation and packaging work for the food of a listed company. We need to design an air column bag for it. The quantity is 500,000. One of the special requirements is to improve the speed of packaging! After receiving this case, according to the style of the product, we designed an L-shaped air-column bag which is convenient and quick to pack the product. Considering the large amount of packing needs every day, we proposed to make a self-adhesive seal on the air-column bag, so that the product can be directly sealed without winding the adhesive paper after it is packed into the air-column bag, which not only improves the speed of packaging, but also saves the cost. Manpower and time, but also make the product more beautiful! Once the proposal was launched, it was highly recognized by the other side. Then we began to choose self-adhesive double-sided adhesive. The requirement of this adhesive is strong stickiness. After three tests and communication, the supplier of self-adhesive double-sided adhesive was identified and we start arrange raw materials for production. In order to inflate quickly, we do not cut off each bag, but just do a point cut in the middle of each bag to make the air column bag become the air column roll, so that customers can use the automatic inflator to inflate, greatly shortening the inflating time and man power.                               

    After the customer received the goods, we also made a video call inflatable guidance with the relevant staff! Customers are not only satisfied with the quality and packaging design, duo to the  air column packaging had a very good protection for food, terminal buyers receive complete goods, get a good shopping experience, and praise the goods endlessly!  

    Now, just received the customer's notification, in June they need to order another batch of L-shaped self-sticking gas column bags, the quantity is 600,000, let's prepare the raw materials and production scheduling plan! This is really good news, but also the biggest recognition of our customers!

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