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When will customization be required?


03.Make sample and confirm the sample:

According to the confirmed packing plan, hand-made precise make sample and sending samples to customers for real confirmation.

04.Draw up the contract:

According to the communication of specific delivery date, delivery mode, payment method, material, quantity and so on, the contract is drawn up and sent to the customer for confirming.

05.Sign a contract:

After amendment by both parties and final confirmation of contract terms by customers, both parties sign the contract.  

06.Confirmation of antenatal samples:

When the production goes on line, take photos again to confirm the product to the customers. After confirmation, our company will arrange the production.   


During the production process, the quality inspection team makes random checks to ensure the quality.  


Delivery within the time specified in the contract.  

09.Logistics tracking:

Follow up cargo information throughout, real-time monitoring of cargo transport, and feedback to customers.   

10.After-sales service:

After receiving the goods, we will track the use of the goods, respond positively and provide online guidance.


Custom Service Case


Coloured Q-type red wine hand airbag
For the red wine airbag, I believe everyone is familiar with it. It is one of the most popular air column bags on the market at present. It is perfectly solved the buffer protection in transportation, but how can we stand out among the many suppliers who use red wine air bags?
Square Milk Powder Air Column Bag
With the square canned milk powder in the market,Sunshinepack also designed a very close-fitting square milk powder air column bag according to this shape. The close-fitting design can tighten the surplus space pf inside the air column bag, thus reducing the swing radian of the product in the transportation process and reducing the damage! The packaging effect presented by the whole design scheme is not procrastinating, not cumbersome, with the lowest...
Customization of L-shaped food self-adhesive air-column bags   
Our cooperation with Beijing Super Logistics Co., Ltd. originated from our Chinese website. The other party saw our company's information on the Internet when they were looking for suppliers, and made a field trip before purchasing. After recognizing our factory and quality, we began to cooperate. It has been more than three years since 2016. During this period, we have successfully cooperated with Q-type red wine air-column bag, L-type milk powder...

Other Customized Products


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