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curious hobartwhat is the origin of the joke about tasmanians having two heads?

by:Sunshinepack     2019-09-10
Have you ever heard of Tasman with two heads?
Or, if you are a Tasman, has anyone ever asked you, \"where is your scar ? \"?
\"For centuries, people from tazhou have been the laughing stock of two heads, and an anonymous curious Hobart questioner wants to know why.
Stefan Petrow, a history professor at the University of Tasman, said the joke has long affected other Australians \'views of Tasman people.
\"It is ingrained in any joke about the state of Tasmania and often appears,\" Professor Petrow said . \".
So we looked into two people.
This is a funny joke if there is any truth.
Two are rarely mentioned-
The Tasman, led by historical records, has produced countless blog articles and amateur documentaries on Internet research.
But there are three theories, and the first one refers to isolated communities and limited mate selection in the history of the Tasmania state.
The second was World War I, where soldiers allegedly asked for two pillows for their beds instead of the usual ones.
Professor Petrow said the explanation was \"as good as any \".
\"In the last eight or nine years, I have done a lot of work on Tasmania soldiers in World War I, and I have not met that, but it is not impossible, he said.
\"During the war, Tasman people were more directly integrated with Australians from other states, so this is certainly possible, but I would like to see some solid evidence.
\"But the most reasonable explanation is medical and has its foundation during the glacial period.
Jokes about the second vassal are likely to come from the widespread goitre cases in tazhou in the 19 th and 20 th centuries.
Goitre is a swelling of the neck caused by thyroid enlargement.
What is the cause of thyroid enlargement?
Iodine deficiency.
Paul AC Richards, a retired professor of nuclear medicine, has been working with patients with thyroid disease throughout his career.
\"There is a mild iodine deficiency in tazhou, especially in the 19 th and 20 th centuries, and there is a large amount of goitre in tazhou,\" said Professor Richards . \".
Mr. Richards said that the troll would be as big as football.
\"You have a goitre for granted,\" he said . \".
Sometimes the ghouls were removed, leaving scars on the neck of the infamous second head.
The famous Tasman was not fortunate enough to be spared.
First woman elected by the Australian House
Goitre was removed before 1949 Federal elections.
\"That\'s why she\'s wearing scarves and necklaces in all the pictures that follow,\" says Professor Richards . \".
Goitre is very common in tazhou, he said, and the state government provided daily potassium iodine tablets to schoolchildren in 1949, but the program was eventually canceled because it was not an effective measure for school holidays
During the Ice Age, the surface soil of Tasmania was lost by iodine, resulting in low iodine content for hundreds of years. iodine foods.
In particular, in the second half of the 20 th century, concerted efforts were made to address this deficiency, with mixed results.
Although the thyroid condition in Tasmania state is now very low, extensive iodine supplement in 1960 seconds provides too much, leading to a range of thyroid poisoning
Thyroid dysfunction caused by excessive hormone secretion.
Professor Richards, who worked extensively with patients at the time of the worst thyroid poisoning problem, said they have now returned to iodine balance but are vulnerable.
\"Iodine in bread is now mandatory and iodine is a key ingredient in products that wash milk barrels and cow nipples before milking,\" he said . \". As for the two-
Headed jibe, the lack of records means that it is impossible to determine.
Professor petrol said it was a joke that Tasman was the same as mainlanders.
\"I think Australians like to make fun of us in a very pleasant way, so instead of going to make fun of us, they play with us,\" he said . \".
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