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business highlights

by:Sunshinepack     2019-08-30
RX of Baltimore economy: more residents who have the money to go to dbaltimore (AP)—
Freddy Gray died of a spinal injury while in police custody, exposing the vulnerability of Baltimore\'s economy.
The tragedy sparked protests, robberies and widespread recognition of the long-standing lack of jobs for the poor in Baltimore.
But it also reveals the lack of stable upper layers that are easily overlooked.
The middle class, which is a group of people like New York and Washington that revitalize the city.
Baltimore is actively seeking to bring these people back because their spending power can help restore communities, expand the economic base and inject vitality into the tentative return of 620,000 peopleperson city.
More celebrity women play the role of business owners in New YorkAP)—
These days, most-
A-coveted character
The actress is a business owner.
Oscar-winning actress Haley Berry is one of the latest female celebrities to start a business.
Last year, she launched Scandale in Paris, a series of underwear sold at the Target store.
For decades, big companies have hired famous faces to sell hair dye, lipstick and highend fashion.
But now more female celebrities are taking control of their business.
It also helps to balance the relationship between the profession and the mother.
Retail sales in the United States are flat
Line in AprilWASHINGTON (AP)—U. S.
As modest increases in wages over the past year have strained household budgets, shoppers took control of their spending in April.
The Commerce Department said Wednesday that retail sales last month remained unchanged after rising 1 percentage point.
3. 1%.
Sales rose only 0.
It has accounted for 9 per cent in the past 12 months.
Stable recruitment has yet to generate higher revenue.
The retail sales report also raised the possibility that bad winter weather could not fully explain the downturn in consumer spending in the previous months, as the expected spring rebound has not yet been achieved.
American enterprises increase their inventory by 0.
MarchWASHINGTON every month (AP)—U. S.
As sales picked up for the first time since July, businesses increased inventories slightly in the third quarter.
The Commerce Department said Wednesday that commercial inventories grew by 0.
3 percentage points after a 0.
It rose 2 percentage points in February. Sales rose 0.
Ended with 7 consecutive months of decline or no rise.
Sales have fallen by 2 in the past 12 months. 1 per cent.
Inventory reflects the expectation of future customer demand, which may indicate whether the economy is strengthening or weakening.
Macy\'s sales to overseas tourists have received a stronger dollar in Cincinnati (AP)—
Macy\'s is feeling a huge chill from international tourists because they don\'t have as much money as they used.
The strengthening of the dollar has suppressed the consumption of overseas tourists from Macy\'s in major cities such as New York, Las Vegas and Chicago.
The company said Wednesday that this led to a 13-percentage-point drop in first-quarter profits.
The company said bad winter weather and a slowdown in West Coast ports also affected sales.
Macy\'s shares fell 2.
On Wednesday, the company raised its quarterly dividend.
More vehicles recalled due to problemsAP)—
Toyota Motor Company
Nissan Motor Company
Due to the problem airbag produced by Japanese supplier Takata, they are expanding the scope of recallby another 6.
5 million.
Toyota said on Wednesday it would recall nearly 5 million vehicles worldwide due to air bag inflators.
About 637,000 of vehicles are in the United States.
In Japan, it is recalling nearly one country.
4 million.
The recall affected 35 models around the world, including Corolla ultra-compact, RAV4 sports utility vehicles and Tundra pickup trucks produced from March 2003 to November 2007.
Frontier Airline CEO resigned for personal reasonsAP)—
The CEO of border airlines resigned and replaced it with the chairman and president of the airline, who vowed to improve the record of frequent flight delays and customer complaints.
Frontier said Wednesday that Dave Siegel resigned for personal reasons.
On the same day Siegel left, consultant J. D.
In the customer satisfaction survey, Power ranked the highest.
On Monday, the federal government said the highest rate of complaints in border areas was worst
Time performance at 14 leading airlines across the country. ___Wal-
Wal-Mart will test unlimited shipping services for $50 a year (AP)—Wal-Wal-Mart Stores Ltd.
This summer will test a new unlimited shipping service for online shoppers, which will cost less than Amazon\'s popular $99 a year premium service. Wal-
Mart, the world\'s largest retailer, told The Associated Press Wednesday that shipping subscription services will cost customers $50 a year.
The product will arrive in three days or less. Wal-
Mart offers grocery delivery and pick-up in five markets.
But the unlimited transport plan marks a substantial commitment and highlights how serious retailers are about accelerating the growth of their online business, which has slowed.
DuPont won an agency battle with Perrier\'s Trian FunWILMINGTON, Del. (AP)—
On Wednesday, DuPont shareholders flatly rejected a controversial campaign by one of America\'s most powerful investment companies. S.
212-board seatsyear-
Old Chemical Company
Nelson Perrier and his Trian Fund Management CompanyP.
As a major shareholder, he has sought more influence at DuPont, saying the company has insufficient potential.
CEO Ellen Kullman has strongly resisted Peltz\'s campaign, saying he has misdescribed DuPont\'s performance.
Danahe _ snapped up Pall about $ will be taken.
Port Washington 56 billionY. (AP)—
Danaher will cost about $13.
56 billion acquisition of Pall.
A company that manufactures water filtration systems for aircraft manufacturers, public works companies, and in particular bio-pharmaceutical companies.
Danahe also announced on Wednesday that it would split into two listed companies.
Pall\'s life sciences division is only $1.
Revenue in 2014 was 5 billion, accounting for more than half of the company\'s total annual revenue.
The life sciences department provides services to customers in the bio-pharmaceutical market, food and beverage and medical end markets.
California golf course-
Nicuel province, California(AP)—
At first glance, there seems to be nothing wrong with this lush member --
The only golf club in one of the most expensive neighborhoods in Orange County.
The bubbling fountain chuckled out of an artificial lake. Emerald-
The Green Lane extends to the distance.
Golf carts travel through the grass like white ants.
But behind that man.
California\'s epic drought is changing courses at El Niguel Country Club and dozens of other clubs across the state. ___Owens-
Illinois costs $2.
15B buy in-vitro Business New York (AP)—
Owens-beer & bottle manufacturers
Illinois will pay about $2.
15 billion acquisition of Mexican company in vitro food and beverage glass container business. Owens-Illinois Inc.
Said Wednesday, all
The cash deal will increase its stake in the packaging market in Mexico and start helping it make a profit in the first year after the deal ends.
In the third year, the company expects an increase of about 50 cents per share. Owens stocks
Illinois rose 9 percentage points before the market opened, and after Facebook announced its acquisition, the company pushed for improved benefits and paid for contractors in New York (AP)—
Facebook is working to get higher wages and higher benefits for gatekeepers, chefs and other workers who support their employees.
The world\'s largest online social network is implementing a new set of standardsS. -
Contractors who do \"a lot of work\" on Facebook.
Facebook chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg announced the changes in a blog post late Tuesday.
The new standard includes a minimum wage of $15 per hour, at least 15 days of paid leave per year, and for those who do not have paid parental leave, $4,000 of \"new child benefits\" are offered to new parents \".
The Dow Jones industrial average fell 7, according to The Associated Press. 74 points, or 0.
04, down to 18,060. 49.
The S & P 500 index fell 0. 64 points, or 0.
03, down to 2,098. 48.
The Nasdaq composite index increased by 5. 50 points, or 0.
Between 4,981 and 1. 69. The price of U. S.
Oil prices fell 25 cents to $60. 50 in New York.
Brent crude is the international benchmark used by many U. S. oil companies. S.
The refinery fell 5 cents to $66. 81 in London.
The wholesale of gasoline rose to $2 in less than a penny. 041 a gallon.
Heating oil rose. 05 cent to $2. 005 a gallon.
Natural gas rose 3. 8 cents to $2.
935 cubic feet per 1,000 cubic feet.
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