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bmw adds 42,000 to worldwide airbag recall

by:Sunshinepack     2019-08-15
BMW has added 42,000 vehicles to the global recall, including three.
4 million vehicles from 5 different car manufacturers, used for faulty airbags, have the potential to catch fire and fire metal shrapnel in the crew compartment of the vehicle.
BMW motor group announced earlier this week that it will recall 42,000 3-series performance cars worldwide, including five other manufacturers and three manufacturers, and from 2002 and 2003 model years
The four million cars launched earlier this year caused passengers to be injured when deployed due to air bag failures.
The fault came from a manufacturing plant in West Lake, Washington, where Toyota, Honda, Nissan, GM, Mazda and BMW used Takata\'s air bag, which was mistakenly built to set the safety mat on fire, or send pieces of metal to the front passenger\'s seat.
Exposure to moisture at another manufacturing plant in Monclova, Mexico, is also suspected to be a contributing factor.
Toyota in the April recall announcement 1.
There are 7 million cars in the world, including 510,000 in the United States.
Vehicles include Corolla, Corolla Matrix, Sequoia, tundra and Lexus SC 430, from 2001 to 2003.
Japanese automakers first became aware of the problem after hearing a report of a car dashboard fire on October 2011, caused by a faulty airbag inflator.
In the early 2012 s, three more reports of similar nature were submitted, prompting a survey to show air bag defects.
Along with Toyota, Honda recalled more than 560,000 vehicles, of which 2001 were in 2003 and 2002 were in 2003.
Odyssey 2002.
Nissanadd and increase the 480,000 a car cover the 2001 to 2003 Maxima, Pathfinder, Sentra, Infiniti FX crossover and QX4 and general car 48,000 Pontiac Vibe
At the same time, BMW reported that they will also participate in the recall, although no official announcement has been issued before this week.
In general, the faulty airbags are related to six accidents around the world, two in Japan and four in the United States, but none of them cause any obvious damage.
According to Michelle Krebs, senior analyst at Edmunds, the massive recall covers fifteen different cars from the world\'s six largest automakers, highlight the potential danger of a single part supplier delivering the same parts to so many different customers.
This is an example of one of the drawbacks of using a super supplier on important vehicle parts.
Since so many vehicles rely on the correct manufacture of components manufactured by a company, defects in the manufacturing process can be felt millions of times around the world.
In order to correct airbag defects, BMW, like other companies involved in the recall, will replace any defective airbag free of charge for the owners of all affected vehicles, long after manufacturing errors have been corrected, an airbag model was used.
At the same time, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced that it would continue to investigate airbag issues, announced that the agency would continue to monitor the situation closely and that appropriate action would be taken as needed.
As one of the most important components of vehicle safety, correcting airbag problems is critical for the automotive industry and NHTSA.
Without this most basic mat to protect the vehicle from impact in a collision, it is possible to cause serious or even life-threatening damage even in a low-speed accident.
If you are the owner of a car affected by a global airbag recall, solving this problem is one of the most important things you can do to ensure your continued safety on the road.
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