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Application of Air-column Bag and Air-filled Bag in Fruits Industry

Fruit contains a variety of nutrients needed by human beings. Eating more fruit is good for health. Research data show that people pay attention to whether the appearance of the fruit is rotten and the colour is bright when buying fruit to judge whether the fruit is fresh or not. In particular, the higher the degree of fruit decay, the higher the content of Alternaria toxin, the farther away from the lesion, the lower the content. If the mildew is more than one third or more of the fruit, it can not be eaten. If the fruit is not carefully protected, it will be damaged and then rotted.

With the popularity of the Internet, people no longer need to look at the time and place to eat fruits. Imported fruits from all countries and regions can meet the people's demand for fruits all year round. Therefore, in the process of transportation, inflatable bags and air-column bags can protect fresh fruits in an all-around way. Sunshinepack can give full play to the advantages of air-column bag customization, provide customers with professional cushion packaging for fruit products, and mark high-end products for fruit packaging, as an important milestone mark for fruit export.

High-Quality Environmental Protection Raw Materials to Eliminate Secondary Pollution

The raw materials of air column bag and air-filled bag are PA/PE. PA/PE raw material is non-toxic, odourless and waxy-like. It has excellent low-temperature resistance, good chemical stability, insoluble in general solvents at room temperature, low water absorption, excellent electrical insulation, and has been certified by ROSH. Usually, we see fruit packaging film are easy to absorb various molecules, and fruit in the cold chain generated moisture, molecules will penetrate into the fruit. Sunshinepack fruits air column bags and inflatable bags pollution-free, only need a layer of protection can keep the fruit fresh.

Compatibility is very strong, will not increase the difficulty of packaging because of the shape

1. Air Column Bag:Sunshinepack can be customized design by the close-fitting of fruits and greatly reduce the impact of the collision.

2. Air cushion film: Sunshinepack air cushion film is the most suitable product for fruit packaging. It can not only wrap and protect fruits singly but also has the strongest foldability. It can also protect multiple or group packaging, without dead angle and have a good cushion.

3. Air filling bags: Air filling bags can be used as a barrier between fruit boxes and boxes, piece and piece to protect each other and increase the stability of fruit packaging in transport packaging.

The above three kinds belong to the delicate packaging products at Sunshinepack which can play a very good role in the preservation and transportation of fruits. Of course, their characteristics are also different. The shape of air column inflatable bag is a bag, which is suitable for larger products, such as watermelon, Hami melon and other fruits. Air cushion film is more suitable for small fruits, which need to be separated to prevent collision.

Sunshinepack is always close to the e-commerce industry, providing customers with products with higher cost performance ratio at all times, and striving to save costs for enterprises. Whenever, Sunshinepack always focuses on packing materials and packing solutions, providing standardized, convenient and reliable packaging products and packaging solutions for e-commerce, devoting itself to improving enterprises and consumers. Product experience, we have been on the road of packaging with heart, emotion, wisdom and strength.

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