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Application of Air Column Bag and Air Bag in Food Industry

Food covers all aspects of the world. Food is very important for survival. Good food can supplement the nutrients and energy of the human body, and objectively stimulate the human body's requirements for colour, aroma, taste, shape and texture. Therefore, the packaging is particularly important for food protection.

A good packaging can protect the appearance of food, keep the freshness of the interior unchanged, waterproof, moistureproof and moisture deterioration. Sunshinepack has been focusing on food inflatable packaging for many years and has many food packaging solutions.

High-quality raw materials, multi-layer co-extrusion film

The environmental protection performance of Sunshinepack air column bags and air-filled bags is particularly strong, which is attributed to his co-extrusion film. Traditional film packaging is usually composed of a composite film. Most of the materials of the composite film are plastic, but also can use paper, metal foil (usually aluminium) or fabric can also be used. The basic requirement of the composite film is to have good adhesion between layers to ensure the overall mechanical properties of packaging. In addition, the composite film is mostly used in food packaging. In the processing of the composite film, the use of adhesives, the selection of solvents and the bonding process should meet the requirements of the corresponding hygienic standards, which makes the hygienic standards of the composite film packaging cannot reach a good state.

The co-extrusion film of Sunshinepack not only has most of the advantages of the composite film but also is different from the composite film. All the layers of Sunshinepacke co-extrusion film are extruded at the same time, so there will be no other non-plastic materials such as aluminium foil, paper and so on. Therefore, it meets the requirements of food packaging safety very well. Our materials are not only environmentally friendly, pollution-free but also recyclable, belonging to the 7th recycling standard!

Good seismic performance, good barrier and stronger protection

The shock resistance and compression resistance of the air column bags and the inflatable bags in mountain Sunshinepack are particularly good. They belong to food-grade packaging products. Through continuous compression, they form the air-tight air column, and there is an independent air chamber of per column. Using the air-lock principle of the check valve, the air column can be fully filled at a time without sealing after inflatable. Even if the single air column is broken and the protective effect is removed, other air columns will not be affected.  Based on these advantages, inflatable packaging can provide long-term air leakage protection. For example, milk powder for children can be well protected.

The airbag of air column bag has a smooth face, Because the co-extruded film is used, it will not adsorb other impurities as easily as the traditional packaging material, and can prevent the pollution of other micro-objects to the product. It can also be water-proof, moisture-proof and moisture-proof.

Sunshinepack is always close to the e-commerce industry, providing customers with products with higher cost performance ratio at all times, and striving to save costs for enterprises. Whenever, Sunshinepack always focuses on packing materials and packing solutions, providing standardized, convenient and reliable packaging products and packaging solutions for e-commerce, devoting itself to improving enterprises and consumers. Product experience, we have been on the road of packaging with heart, emotion, wisdom and strength.

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