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Application of Air Column Bag and Air Bag in Crafts

Crafts are the crystallization of human society's wisdom. Crafts are loved and loved by many people because of their beautiful appearance. Most crafts are made of wood, glass, paper and other fragile and abrasive materials. If the packaging is not good, it will limit the spread and development of crafts. Especially important is that crafts are not only easy to wear and tear, but also complex in shape, which will make packaging difficult. Sunshinepack air column bags and inflatable bags have many years of experience and technology, which can solve a variety of packaging problems for you in an all-round way.

Have the customized ability, no dead angle protection products

Customers only need to send crafts samples to our company. Our company will choose the thickness and design the shape of the bag according to the size and weight of the product. The air column bag is composed of many air columns, so it will spread the pressure equally under external pressure, reduce the pressure, and improve the protectiveness of crafts packaging. More importantly, the filling bag type is more flexible. With the cooperation of air column bag and filling bag, it can protect products without dead angle and achieve a variety of protection. And the buffer effect is very good! Unlike traditional paper packaging, inflatable packaging can be used flexibly.

Good transparency and moisture-proof

Ceramic crafts are not damaged by moisture, but what about other crafts? For example, wooden crafts, paper crafts, customers will keep good protection after received goods, but the product in the transport process? As a result, no one can guarantee that the multi-layer co-extrusion film for the Sunshinepack is made up of 90% air, and the moisture and fog can't penetrate into the core area of the product. It's a good packaging product. More importantly, some precious crafts, customers can use inflatable packaging to protect them when they are not using, which provides both protection and dust isolation. A very transparent packaging, but also can be protected  and ornamental at the same time.

Sunshinepack is always close to the e-commerce industry, providing customers with products with higher cost performance ratio at all times, and striving to save costs for enterprises. Whenever, Sunshinepack always focuses on packing materials and packing solutions, providing standardized, convenient and reliable packaging products and packaging solutions for e-commerce, devoting itself to improving enterprises and consumers. Product experience, we have been on the road of packaging with heart, emotion, wisdom and strength.

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