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Application of Air Bag Packing and AirBag in Wine Industry

There are many kinds of wines, which can be divided into whiskey, wine, white liquor, beer, rice wine, medicinal liquor and so on. A proper amount of alcohol can help blood circulation, dispel cold and invigorating spirit. Europe and America are famous for wine and whiskey, while Asia is famous for white liquor. People all over the world want to taste well-brewed wines from other regions. So how to protect wine in the process of transportation?

Simple packing and adequate protection

Liquor represents conciseness and simplicity. If the packaging is more complex, it can not represent wine. The air column bag of Sunshinepack red wine is simple to use. It only needs to put the wine into the air-column bag to inflate and then it can be used. Moreover, according to the characteristics of easily broken wine, the air-column bag of Sunshinepack is specially selected with sufficient thickness and appropriate column width to protect the wine air-column bag and fully protect the product.

It can print complex patterns or add handheld design to improve the appearance and portability of wine products

Sunshinepack air column bags and inflatable bags before inflatable is a flat state, so you can print patterns, we have a number of years of experience and technology, even the most complex patterns, can be printed at the Sunshinepack air bag. Customers can design an anti-counterfeiting pattern, so that inflatable packaging can intuitively represent the image of the product. The newly developed portable design also greatly increases the portability in use.

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