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Application of air bag in LCD industry

Application of air bag in LCD industry

At present, eighty percent of the manufacturers in the LCD industry are still using traditional foam / pearl cotton packaging, although the protection effect is good, but this not only makes the packaging cost remain high, but also occupies a lot of storage space. Today we will talk about how to use the air column to cushion the LCD display, so that the damage rate of the display can be effectively reduced, and the packaging cost will be reduced. Lower storage costs.

LCD screen is very fragile, and the price is not cheap. Once it is damaged, no manufacturer, merchant, express delivery or consumer would like to willing to bear the responsibility of such a loss, and there are many sensitive electrical components inside. Therefore, when transporting and sending express delivery, you should be very careful about the packaging, and the selected materials should also be soft materials, so as to avoid screen damage Cause damage, so the inflatable packaging of rubber membrane structure is very suitable. It can not only provide long-term buffer protection to avoid scratching and damage of the display screen, but also the bag type can be flexible and changeable according to the product size without mold cost.

At present, there are three types of commonly used LCD air column bags.                                                                                                                                                               

  1. Some customers only need to pack the four corners of the display screen, so we will recommend making the air column bag with the shape of straight angle guard;                                                                                                             

  2. If customers need to wrap the whole display screen, then we will recommend the q-shaped air column bag with 360 degree package;                                                                                                                     

  3. If the size of the whole display screen is too large, then we will recommend the air column bag with two U-shaped clips;

In addition, there are different parameters for the thickness and width of the air column bag. The thicker and the wider the column, the more obvious the protection effect of the air column bag is. But not that all products need to choose the thickest and widest air column bag. Customers can choose according to the weight and protection strength of their products. The inflatable bag is made of PA and PE. The higher the content of PA, the better the extensibility of the main film. After the air column package is filled with gas, it will not be damaged if it bears more than 120kg; with the reduction of product cost, in the product sales, the enterprise has more room for product price control, and the profit space increases accordingly (the cost can be reduced by using the air column bag / inflatable bag).

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