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Any manufacturers to customize packing bubble wrap ?
The industrial output value and export value of Dongguan Dongguan Sunshinepack Industrial Co., Ltd. Co., Ltd have increased year by year. Under the enterprise spirit of 'united, hard-working, truth-seeking and innovative', Sunshinepack constantly gained self-breakthrough during development and achieved the goal to be the forerunner in the industry. The air pillow produced by Sunshinepack is widely used. Sunshinepack's main products include air column bag series. The quality monitoring system has been set up to control the quality of this product. It enables the goods to be delivered to customers safe and sound. Dongguan our team Co., Ltd always carefully create air column roll suitable for the market. Unlike the EPE material, this product has greatly decreased the environmental burden. If interested in the products, please contact we.

What brand of household water treatment filter is best 50? The water treatment filter technology is very mature. what brand is not important is whether it can play a role. Is it possible to achieve the effect you want? First, you should determine what problems exist in the water you want to filter, such as excessive bacteria, such as excessive sediment, or excessive chlorine in tap water, etc. Of course, ask professional personnel if they are unclear. You can search the website of the relevant water treatment equipment company online and consult it. This kind of technician is generally more professional, unlike the half bucket of water sold in the mall. There is also a choice that has a strong after-sales guarantee. just tell them the purification standard you want to meet. they should recommend the corresponding products to you.Water Ze environmental protection water treatment technology answer! It is possible to consider Angel's 5-level filtration of more than 300 yuan. Midea, Qinyuanchun and Hanton are al

Water treatment equipment for beverage machinery Water is the largest raw material used in soft drink production, and the quality of water quality has a great impact on the quality of beverages. Therefore, water must be treated to meet the process requirements. Water treatment equipment is usually divided into three categories according to its function: water filtration equipment, water softening equipment and water disinfection and sterilization equipment. (1) sand filter equipment (1) sand filter equipment (multi-media filter equipment) sand filter (multi-media filter) it is a mechanical filtration equipment with layered anthracite, sand, finely crushed garnet or other materials as bed layers, and its principle is to filter particles of different particle sizes in water according to depth, the larger particles are removed at the top layer, and the smaller particles are removed at the deeper depths of the filter medium, so that the water quality reaches the standard after coarse filtration, reduce the SDI (s
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