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What are the advantages of fiberglass filter material? Glass fiber has outstanding advantages such as high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, stable size, high dust removal efficiency, and low price of dust stripping,Therefore, it is a kind of high temperature filtration material that is commonly used.1.1 Excellent heat resistance.The maximum operating temperature of glass fiber filter material treated by surface chemistry can reach 280 ℃,This is very suitable for the dust removal project.So in the present and in the future,Fiberglass is still an important material for high temperature filtration.2 high strength, small expansion rate.Its tensile strength is higher than that of other natural and synthetic fibers,The elongation is only 2%-3%,This feature is sufficient to ensure that the filter bag with a large aspect ratio made using its design has sufficient tensile strength and dimensional stability performance.Excellent corrosion resistance.At present, the common glass fib

The goal of our company is to become a leading product packaging exporter at home and abroad. Get an offer! The Professional air cushion packaging Manufacturer in the Manufacturing Packaging & Printing Packaging Bags Industry Compared with products in the same category, air cushion bag has the following advantages. While providing quality products, Dongguan Sunshinepack Industrial Co., Ltd. is dedicated to providing personalized solutions for customers according to their needs and actual situations.

Working Principle of quartz sand filter The operation of efficient continuous filter can be divided into raw water filtration and filter cleaning,Two more processes are carried out relatively independently and simultaneously.The two are done in different positions of the same filter,The former power depends on the high position difference or the lifting of the pump,The latter is done by compressed air.The quartz sand filter uses one or more filter media,Normal temperature operation, acid and alkali resistance, oxidation,PH is applicable to 2-13.The system is equipped with perfect protection devices and monitoring instruments, and has the function of backwashing,Pollutants such as mud scale were quickly washed away,Less water consumption,Fully automatic functions can be set according to user requirements.Under certain pressure,The stock solution is subjected to the contact coagulation, adsorption and interception of the medium,Remove impurities,So as to achieve the purpose of filtering.The packing con
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