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Any export certifications on inflatable bag packaging ?
The Dongguan Sunshinepack Industrial Co., Ltd. brand hopes to become one of the leading companies in the bubble pack industry. Contact! The Professional inflatable bag Manufacturer in the Manufacturing Packaging & Printing Packaging Bags Industry Compared with products in the same category, air column bag has the following advantages. While providing quality products, Sunshinepack is dedicated to providing personalized solutions for customers according to their needs and actual situations.

What are the efficient filter specifications? 50 Efficient filters are mainly used to capture 0.Particle dust and various suspended matter below 5um,Filter as the end of various filter systems.The filter material is made of ultra-fine glass fiber paper,Sheet paper, aluminum foil and other materials are folded as split plates,Sealing of new polyurethane sealant,It is made of galvanized sheet, stainless steel plate and aluminum alloy profile as outer frame.The filter has sand, laminated, centrifugal, mesh, centrifugal filter,See you in the field or greenhouses,Different uses,The specifications and models used are different,Centrifugal mesh filters are generally 3-inch or 4-inch,

Professional formaldehyde removal company, what is the principle of formaldehyde removal? Due to the diversity of Principles of Professional formaldehyde removal companies,The Catalyst originated in Japan,At first, it was sprayed on the exterior wall of the house,The reaction with ultraviolet light achieves the effect of removing bacteria and preventing mildew.The photo catalyst needs to react with ultraviolet light to achieve its due effect,But when there is no UV light,The effect of removing bacteria is 0%!So,If there is no UV lamp in the indoor environment,There is no effect at all.The UV lamp is baked at home,It will cause damage to the inside of the board and even the human body,It is a method that cannot be used at home.And the light catalyst on the market is generally acidic,When attached to the inside of the plate, it will cause damage to the plate,If the concentration is too high,White spots will appear on the plate.Conclusion: If the company uses light catalyst and ultraviolet lamp to re

What does MFF mean in water treatment? MFF is a quartz sand filter in water treatment.Quartz sand filter,Learning name Shallow media filter (English: Shallow medium filter ),It uses quartz sand as a filter medium,Under certain pressure,The water with high turbidity is filtered through granular or non-granular quartz sand of a certain thickness,Effectively intercept and remove suspended matter, organic matter, gum particles, microorganisms, chlorine, odor and some heavy metal ions in the water,Finally, it is an efficient filtration equipment to reduce water turbidity and purify water quality.Equipment Classification AIGER sand filter filters that use quartz sand as a filter medium for sewage purification are generally divided into two categories: one is a conventional quartz sand filter,Also known as a shallow media filter.The other is the emerging filter,Called continuous sand filter,Also known as quicksand filter.It is different from the conventional sand filter is that it skillfully carries out the filtrati
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