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Any air tube bag stock in Sunshinepack Industrial?
Several problems of nano-materials 15 In the 21 st century full of vitality,The rapid development of information, biotechnology, energy, environment, advanced manufacturing technology and national defense will inevitably put forward new demands on materials,The requirements for the size of materials are becoming smaller and smaller due to the small size, intelligence, high integration, high-density storage and ultra-fast transmission of components;Aerospace, new military equipment and advanced manufacturing technology have higher and higher requirements for material performance.Innovation of new materials,And new technologies induced on this basis.The innovation of new products is the most influential strategic research field for social development, economic revitalization and national strength in the next 10 years,Nano-materials will be one of the key materials that play an important role.Nano-materials and nano-structures are the most dynamic research objects in the field of new materials and ha

With the help of production base and advanced technology, Dongguan Dongguan Sunshinepack Industrial Co., Ltd. Co., Ltd has a large market share for its air column bag. Under the enterprise spirit of 'united, hard-working, truth-seeking and innovative', Sunshinepack constantly gained self-breakthrough during development and achieved the goal to be the forerunner in the industry. The air column bag produced by Sunshinepack is widely used. Sunshinepack's main products include air column roll series. To guarantee the quality of this product, the quality system has been set up by our quality team. It is the best-replaced choice of EPE foam and pulp plastic film. Timely and thoughtful pre-sales and after-sales service is provided by we It reduces transport costs compared to the foam and plastic film packaging. Your business talk and cooperation are sincerely welcome!

Filter principle of water purifier 1. micro-filtration (MF): the filtering accuracy is generally 0.1-50 micron,A variety of common PP filter,Activated carbon filter,Ceramic filter element belongs to the category of micro filter,For simple coarse filtering,Filter large particles such as sediment and rust in the water,However, harmful substances such as bacteria in the water cannot be removed.The filter element cannot be cleaned normally,Filter materials for one time,Need to be replaced frequently.1 PP cotton core: generally only used for coarse filtration with low requirements,Remove large particles such as sediment and rust in water.2 activated carbon: it can eliminate the color and peculiar smell in the water,But the bacteria in the water cannot be removed,The removal effect of sediment and rust is also very poor.3 ceramic filter element: the minimum filtering accuracy is only 0.1 micron.Usually the traffic is small,Not easy to clean.2. UF: the filtration accuracy is 0.001-0.1 micron,Belongs to one o
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