Air Column Bags Manufacturer
Air Column Bags Manufacturer
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Our cushioning air column packaging is now widely used in protective packaging of microelectronics, precision instruments, medical devices, digital products, household goods, fresh fruits, food and other fragile goods. Now we have in-depth cooperation with domestic and foreign large logistics companies, supermarkets, e-commerce, electronic parts manufacturers, automobile parts manufacturers, security products manufacturers, battery manufacturers, wineries and so on. 

Most Popular Inflatable Bubble Roll

Most popular inflatable bubble roll

Top Selling Packaging  For Shock-Proof Air 

Top selling packaging  for cushioning and shock-proof air

Air Cushion Milk Power Packing Bag

Air Cushion Milk Power Packing Bag
About SunshinePack

1.Dongguan Sunshinepack Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded in 1997.It is a modern researching and developing (R & D) manufacturing enterprise, that integrates the research and development, production, sales and service of the buffer air column bags. It is an environmental-friendly high-tech enterprise focusing on the solution of the new cushioning packaging materials.


2.Over the years, on the leading position we have been focusing on the development of the domestic and foreign environmental protective cushioning air column bag technology, research and development, and production of various cushioning air column bags and different types of packaging.


3.We always put customer service at the top of our work, and try our best to provide you with a comprehensive packaging solution.

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