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air packaging brings on mirador.

by:Sunshinepack     2019-08-21
Daily news Valencia-
Air packaging technology
Valencia has retainedMirador Consulting Services Limited, a Florida-
Establish a national investor relations campaign.
Under the agreement, one of five items will be implemented by Mirador
Part of the investment relationship plan including stock broker relationship, media relationship, shareholder relationship
Investor Communications and Internet coverage.
Mirador focuses on the mid-market on Nasdaq
Listed companies provide national representation for members of the investment community.
\"It\'s an exciting moment for our company, and we believe our new relationship with Mirador will help us communicate our story to the investment community,\" President and ceo of Air packaging
Air packaging companies produce air cushion packaging products to protect fragile products for delivery.
Its customers include the medical and general industrial markets.
Air packaging is involved in the market protection and special packaging section for more than $4.
£ 5 billion per year and an exclusive agreement with 3 m to sell 3 m branded packaging products in the industrial and consumer protection packaging market.
The company holds $15. S.
10 US patentsS.
Patents in major markets in the world and 17 foreign patents.
Customers include Motorola, which sells silicon wafers, DuPont and optoelectronic, which are semiconductor lighting.
MTV, Nordstrom, Chivas, Redken Labs and Dolce & Gabbana use the company for promotional packaging.
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