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air pack bags 's qualifications and internationally authoritative certifications
Dongguan Sunshinepack Industrial Co., Ltd. is rich in industrial experience and is sensitive about customers' needs. We can provide comprehensive and one-stop solutions based on customers' actual situations. The air column bag of Sunshinepack is applicable to the following areas. With the strong modern idea, Sunshinepack always focuses on innovative design and professional production. On one hand, we keep improving the appearance of air pack bags to ensure they are novel and unique. On the other hand, we improve the technology of packaging and printing to shorten the production period and to promote the punctual product delivery. If you have any needs, please contact Sunshinepack. we is mainly engaged in the business of air column bag and other product series.

What is the role of the pipe filter? Should be installed on the water supply pipe,If there is impurities in the water supply pipe,Will be intercepted by the filter,Do not plug the end equipment.The heating company is not correct,Although the filter is installed at the heat exchange station,But the heat exchange station to the heating, there is still a long heating pipeline between the inlet devicesIf there are impurities in this area (although the pipeline has to be cleaned,But it won't be cleaned 100% clean ),It will cause blockage as the fluid enters the heating terminal equipment.The water supply company said,I'm afraid of impurities going back to the heat exchange station equipment.It is a problem with the filtration system, but it is not a problem with insufficient power of the filter pump itself.If it is the upper filter system, you can try to add some filter cotton in the filter box.If it is a in-cylinder filtration system, you also need to add filter cotton.The filter pump is best not to pull the fish

How many cubic meters of compressed air to use in pure water station' The compressed air generated by the air compressor is not pure. This is because the air compressor itself contains lubricating oil. when compressing, some lubricating oil must be mixed into the compressed air. In addition, the air in nature itself contains some solid particles and water. When using this unpurified compressed air directly in the gas source system, it will bring many faults to the pneumatic equipment, such as: damaging the pneumatic components and reducing the service life of the components, the production efficiency is reduced, the production process is reduced, and even accidents are caused. Therefore, it is necessary to use the post-treatment equipment of compressed air to purify compressed air. obtaining pure compressed air is an essential part of the air source system.The role of air compressor after treatment equipment:1. Tank: Compressed air enters the tank, and impurities in the air settle in the tank, separating
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