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air india staffer forgets phone on international flight, delays it by 2 hours | mumbai news - times of india

by:Sunshinepack     2019-09-03
Mumbai: A few seconds ago, a Dreamliner from Air India began taxiing to Ahmedabad from London Heathrow Airport, and the commander was told that a ground worker had left his mobile phone on the plane.
The pilot may have experienced the anxiety caused by the wrong place of the mobile phone, in the unprecedented treatment of the secular situation, decided to stop the plane, let the flight attendant open a door, give the phone to its owner.
However, this generous gesture did not proceed as planned.
On the contrary, artificial intelligence in flight has changed
176 became the first documented case of terrorism in the world
Led deployment for emergency inflatable slides-
The raft and subsequent flights were delayed for nearly two hours.
Of course, it is a fear to dislike mobile phones.
The incident took place on March 18, when the commander of the Boeing 787 was taxiing for a few seconds. 800 (VT-ANP)
Found an unaccompanied mobile phone.
\"It belongs to a maintenance engineer who has been off the plane after preparing for the flight departure,\" a source said . \".
What happened in London
Last month\'s Ahmedabad flight was an incredible series of decisions.
\"The commander informed the ground staff to ask the engineer to get to the plane and collect the phone,\" a source said . \".
He instructed the crew. in-
Charging the \"recycling door\", opening the door, throwing the phone, the phone can be safely embedded in the pillow and called up from the cabin to perform the task.
\"Recycling door\" means changing the mode in which it is set.
The airplane door can be set to automatic mode (
Describe it by air. or manual (\'unarmed\').
Before departure, the commander issued \"armed door\" or \"automatic door\" instructions to the crew.
The armed door is a door that can be used in an emergency evacuation.
If opened, the emergency evacuation slide raft will inflate and position within six seconds.
\"Many tasks need to be completed before the crew members fasten their seat belts --off.
In the chaos caused by mobile phones on AI flights, the crew-in-charge (
Based in Mumbai)
\"It seems like I forgot to change the mode of the door to manual mode,\" the source said . \".
When she opens the door, the slide expands and sits ready to evacuate.
But the only person standing at the door was not a panicked passenger, but rather a rather shocking crew member --in-
Charging, holding a pillow that suddenly didn\'t plugso-precious cargo.
The departure of the flight had to be delayed.
\"The engineering team must disconnect the slide, deflate, fold and pack it into the cargo hold,\" the source said . \". AI-
The 176 that started taxiing at two o\'clock P. M. finally set off at 3. 46pm.
A spokesman for Air India said of the matter, \"London, March 18-
Without giving details, Ahmedabad\'s flight was delayed after the evacuation slide deployment.
According to sources, the Flight Safety Department of Artificial Intelligence has been aware of the incident and an internal investigation is under way.
A senior commander said: \"Passengers and others may find it surprising that the pilot decided to stop a taxiing plane and throw his mobile phone.
The event emphasizes the role of familiarity with a working environment in decision-makingmaking.
This is an unusual lesson in human factors.
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