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Air Cushion Film/Bag

Air cushion bags can protect some valuable goods, especially in the transport of goods, is a kind of economical and applicable special plastic bags.
It is widely used for filling the space of leather goods, handbags, bags, cartons and products. It makes the bags beautiful in appearance, low in cost, environmentally friendly, clean and non-deformable. It can inflate and deflate at any time and anywhere, and helps you save a lot of transportation space. Handbags products maintain a long-term beautiful appearance, easy to carry. It can be used repeatedly to facilitate recycling. Compared with the traditional filler, the environment-friendly airbag has the advantages of environmental protection, simplicity, low cost of waste treatment and low cost of use.
(1) It does not need external equipment, so it is convenient and simple to inflate; it can automatically lock air ; it can be used repeatedly;
(2) Low price, lower filling cost than paper, saving your cost and enhancing the price competitiveness of your products;
(3) Good elasticity, strong resilience, protect your product from deformation due to pressure; product is clean, no dust, will not bring paper dust and dust like paper, so that your product is cleaner and more beautiful;
(4) Strong pressure, can withstand more than 50 kilograms of pressure, to prevent products from being damaged due to greater pressure;
(5) lighter weight, saving transportation costs; convenient and fast filling, saving labor and time;
(6) Smaller size, save more warehouse space; flexible filling method, can be filled after getting bags, save transport volume, can be inflated in different places, simple and convenient;
(7) it can print your logo, comprehensively enhance your brand image!
(8) Specifications can be customized.

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