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Air Column Roll/Sheet

Air column roll is a kind of air column cushioning protection which can be completely covered, and it can reduce the loss rate of product transportation to the lowest level.which are made of LLDPE and NYLON by bonding or co-extrusion, It has? resistance tensile equilibrium properties. good surface printability and belong to medical grade base material.Through continuous compression, an air-tight column is formed, and the protective film is made into a protective? materials called air column roll by the machine. Applying physical principle, once inflating, full row filling, automatic air lock, forming air chamber,.if there is one column damage,only that damaged air column is partially invalid, the rest of the air column is completely unaffected, and the protection effect is still maintained. Provide long-term storage and transportation without leakage of seismic protection, air column type comprehensive encapsulation of cushioning protection, will reduce the damage rate to the lowest. AIR-BAG gas packaging bags conform to ROHS specifications and are free from pollution under any conditions of production, use or placement.
How many do you wanna use,then inflate how many,that saves waste. The commonly column width is 20mm, 30mm, 90mm, and the commonly used width is 200-1100mm.

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