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air bag advances curb highway toll

by:Sunshinepack     2019-08-18
Since the advent of Ralph Nader\'s groundbreaking book, \"Unsafe at Any Speed,\" 40 years ago, seat belts, padded dashboards, foldable steering columns, improved bumpers, other safety features have become the standard fare for cars and trucks.
After the seat belt, the most important improvement in car safety is the airbag.
The airbag is gas.
Inflatable mat quickly discharged from compartments hidden in steering columns, dashboards, roof rails, doors and seats, hyper-
Inflate to protect vehicles
An adult driver and passenger with a belt.
Driver and front desk
Since the 1998 model year, the federal government has asked cars to be equipped with passenger airbags (
Light trucks as of 1999). Mercedes-
In 1986, Mercedes-Benz installed airbags on all models for the first time.
According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, frontal airbags saved 13,967 lives from 1987 to 2003.
NHTSA calculates that the use of seat belts and airbags can reduce the incidence of head injuries in collisions by 85%.
In recent years, an airbag fleet has been added to cars and trucks.
Some rides, such as the BMW M3, now have up to eight nylon inflators. Side-
Volvo\'s impact airbag in the medium term
1990, is one of these extra bladder.
The change protects the pelvis, chest and head and can be expanded from the door, seat or roof of the vehicle.
The side curtain airbag protects the head, and in some models, it remains inflated for up to five seconds during rolling.
BMW was the pioneer of early curtains.
Side airbags can not only help passengers more rollover
But they also protect the passengers of small cars from these light trucks.
The highway safety insurance association is a non-profit trade organization.
Vehicle testing and related research.
Adrian Lund, chief operating officer of the organization, said of the suv, \"If you\'re in the car, when these things hit your side, basically their hood is on you.
\"The side airbag can provide a cushion between the body and the invading suv.
\"We have seen about 45% less fatal damage to vehicles equipped with side airbags,\" Lund said . \".
NHTSA is in the process of upgrading --
Crash safety standards for all passenger cars.
\"We estimate the new side.
\"Impact Standards may save 900 to 1,200 lives each year,\" said NHTSA spokesman Tyson . \".
Other airbag innovations continue.
In February 2005, for example, it was decided that 2006 Buick Lucerne and 2006 Cadillac DTS would include doubleDeep passengersside bag.
Depending on the seat position, the severity of the collision, and whether the seat belt is fastened, these bags swell to different girls. Dual-
The stage airbags of several new Volvo models work slightly differently.
With this technology, sensors can measure the severity of collisions and seats
Belt to adapt to the speed of air bag inflation;
Serious collisions can lead to full and rapid deployment, while fenders-
Bender triggered slow inflation of 70%.
Advanced front airbag-
Double general terms for General Motors
Depth technology-
Was configured to cause strong public protest in the first place.
The bags are said to have crushed children and young adults.
Automakers and safety advocates have argued that children aged 12 and under should not sit in the front row.
NHTSA statistics show that 90% of the 230 people killed by air bags since 1990 are infants.
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