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Advantages of Filling Packaging with Inflatable Bags From Sunshinepack(shanjian)

Advantages of Filling Packaging with Inflatable Bags From Sunshinepack(shanjian)

It is common for products to suffer damage during long-term logistics transportation, and the biggest factor is the collision and extrusion of goods from all directions during transportation, which results in packaging damage.The popularity of e-commerce requires a lot of transport products, if there is no good packaging protection measures, it is very easy to cause product damage.

The inflatable bag is used to fill the gap between the goods, support the weight produced by the goods shaking, absorb the vibration, and protect the goods from damage in transportation.Inflatable bag filling packaging is a new type of environmental protection cushioning material, which uses air as a buffer. It can reduce the loss caused by uncertain factors in the transportation process. It is lightweight, does not increase the weight of the package, and can control the transportation cost.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

The filling air bag has strong flexibility and is not easy to burst. It is an inflatable air bag made of LDPE and HDPE. It fills the gap between cargo and supports the weight of cargo caused by shaking and plays an anti-shock role.Effectively prevent the random shaking of products in the process of transportation, handling and transfer, and avoid the damage of products in the process of transportation.

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