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Advantages & Disadvantages of Air Pillow Packaging

Sunshinepack Air Pillow Packaging  has been providing perfect packaging solutions for 20+ years,brought in advanced manufacturing equipment from Germany,has a talented R&D team to ensure innovative cushion packaging materials.

For centuries, packaging has been a region of the common evolution of human life. we have a tendency to continually have that require to move merchandise from one place to a different. Back then, garments and linen were thought to be enough to guard parcels–until they were ready to use crumpled paper as crate fillers. Papers were then used because the main protecting fillers for the transportation of products and were around for quite an whereas. round the early Sixties, Air cushion packaging created its debut and are used wide since then.

Air Pillow Packaging

Why use air Pillow Packaging?

Air pillows ar thought of the younger brother of bubble wrap. This material creates a a lot of reliable barrier than classic bubble wrap because it wraps around your merchandise. Air pillows can facilitate your merchandise reach your customers intact and rubbish free. not like different packaging materials, nothing are left behind clinging to your product and there won’t be a struggle to withdraw it. Air pillows ar light-weight and are available in several sizes to guard your merchandise altogether their creases and crevices. not like bubble wrap, these pillows ar on the market “on demand” in order that they don’t take up an excessive amount of area. once you ought to package one thing, merely inflate them on a machine and that they ar able to go.

Pillow Packaging

Advantages of Air Pillow Packaging

1.Void fill packaging uses material like peanuts, paper or air pillows to fill areas in packages. This eliminates the voids at intervals a package and prevents the prepacked item from touring and presumably inflicting injury.

2. Void fill paper packaging creates mud reusable, most of the time it gets thrown out.

3. Peanut Packaging is mussy The time spent on a daily basis loading hold on peanuts, and improvement up the mess at every packaging station creates quite an little bit of work. in addition purchasers complain regarding the mess related to the peanut stuff.

4. Air pillow packaging is reusable, cleaner effective possibility compared to peanut & paper packaging.

5.Unlike packaging peanuts and foam materials that ar fabricated from numerous dyes and in some cases don't seem to be reusable. In fact, several disposal firms won’t even settle for packaging peanuts for disposal any longer thanks to the complexness of disposal and their harmful effects on the atmosphere.

Disadvantages of Air Pillow Packaging

We’ll begin by viewing bubble wrap. it had been unreal in 1957 and was originally supposed to be a kind of wallpaper, consistent with Mental Floss. it's made of polythene, the world’s most typical plastic.  Bubble wrap is reusable and reusable, consistent with the web site Enlighten Pine Tree State. Its edges embrace being cheap and light-weight. many varieties of bubble wrap don't seem to be perishable, though eco-friendlier bubble wrap has return on the market.

It conjointly comes in several sizes. Smaller bubbles tend to be used once you’re packing smaller things, larger bubbles for larger things. It’s conjointly simple to get. Bubble wrap is found at the most moving and packing businesses. There square measure some storage difficulties, as bubble wrap’s plastic air bubbles take up spare house, consistent with Ehow.

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