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a holiday gift guide for that special traveler in your life

by:Sunshinepack     2019-08-17
Your face says everything: you\'re starting to panic. Don\'t.
If you are shopping for travelers, you may find the answer to the gift --
Give the puzzle in these pages.
Our team of travelers tested items large and small, expensive and affordable, and we would like to share with you so you can share them with others.
This is by no means comprehensive, but it can start the old synapses.
If you can\'t get the said item in time during the big day, cut the picture, tie it up with a bow and use it as a debit note.
The true traveler always has its use because there is always the next trip.
Bags, bags and more bags will be lighter: They say it\'s hard to break up. Nonsense.
My old black carry-on
Bags and I have been nervous for years, but there is a new charm in my life.
It\'s a 22-fold Lipault-inch bag.
This lightweight beauty product comes in a variety of colors and is made of nylon twill cloth and the movement of what French companies call \"aircraft-grade\" aluminum handles.
It doesn\'t have as many pockets as my old black beauty, but it\'s also 1/2 lbs empty and about 2 pounds less than BB.
Rolling over the airport during the weekend trip was a breeze, lifting so lightly from the top that I felt like Charles Atlas. Bye-bye, BB;
Hello, Lipault.
You are not cheap, but you are easy.
Message: from $200lipault-us. com/foldable. html —
Catherine Ham Pelican Brief: this is a briefcase with your back and tablet as well.
Pelican ProGear u40 urban elite flat pack with hard-
The built-in side lock case is designed to protect the tablet from the rigors of travel.
In addition to this, it also has a pocket for your office equipment, and the wires and Chargers in the other pocket will snuggle together.
Because of difficulties-
Side box, the package weighs about 1/2, so it is not light.
This backpack is designed for netbooks, but it should be measured first. my 11. 6-
An inch netbook does not fit. Info: $259. 95, www. pelicanprogear. com —C. H.
Easy and light: stylish Delsey Helium carrier with you-
It is the \"it\" package for weekend holidays.
The 100% polycarbonate structure means the housing is durable and lightweighta measly 8. 4 pounds —
Easy to go up and down stairs or in and out of the overhead bin.
The box can be expanded to 2 inch to fit your shopping spree, and the double spin wheel means it can easily roll around you.
Helium Airlines also has 25-and 29-
Inch size, available in titanium, cobalt blue and red. Info: Carry-on, $300; 25-and 29-
It was $400 and $450 respectively. www. delsey. com —
Anne hanagel walking in the air: Airbac backpack with built-in
Air cushion to protect your camera and other tech devices-
And your back.
From the bumps and pushes you encounter while traveling.
With the standard hand pump, all you need to do is inflate the mat to the level of comfort and waist support you want.
I tried it twice: the smaller zoom is part of the Airbac photography series, weighs about 3 pounds and has six solid padded compartments to accommodate your camera equipment. The under-seat-
The size Airtech travel backpack weighs about 1/2 and has a thick padded sleeve to accommodate your laptop, along with two spacious compartments and a zip bag to store the rest of your travel gear
Message: Zoom in, $99. 99; Airtech, $89. 99. www. airbac. com —A. H.
Baggage check: the color luggage label for RuMe is made of recycled aluminum and it is not just to distinguish your luggage from all the other black baggage on the baggage conveyor belt.
There is a QR or quick response, code and URL on the back of each tag.
To register your contact information, you can scan the QR code or login URL using your smartphone.
If your package is missing, the finder will scan the QR code of the tag or enter the URL to find you.
RuMe\'s anonymous third
Party email links allow finder to contact you without disclosing your personal information.
Each baggage tag contains a unique QR code pattern and URL address;
The printed image does not appear chip or fade. Info: $14. 95, www. rumeid. com —A. H.
Luggage label and passport holder-
Brazilian wallet
Born Artist Romero Brito is so popular
They can even get a smile from the toughest TSA or immigration agents.
Luggage label ($15 and $16)
There is a slit at the back to save the contact information.
Passport status ($25 to $30)
Take the currency pocket and slot of your travel document, credit card and ID card. Info: www.
Bedding. com, www. amazon. com —A. H.
Happy teeth: on the way, I miss something to go home.
It sounds silly, but my sonic toothbrush is one of them.
In the war against overweight
I mean bag, not me)
About 1/2 ounces of large sonic toothbrushes stay at home.
But now, I found a 1/2 violin.
The beautiful things of Oz, similar to the long mouth red tube, have a variety of pop musicartish colors.
It runs on an AAA battery. Info: $14. 95, www. violight. com —C. H.
Crop cream: If you live in the wet environment of SoCal
The free zone is not enough, the flight will suck the last ounce of moisture from your skin.
Packing cream is a must, but if you carry it with you
The Transportation Safety Administration says a pipe must be less than 3 ounces on bagger.
Enter the small hand through Lush, which provides solid facial serum and Hand Serum, both of which can be carried with tin. The 0. 7-
Each ounce of facial serum contains mushroom extract and chrysanthemum tea.
If it\'s not your cup, it\'s 2. 1-
Ounce hand serum odor (
Strong warning)
Vanilla and longevity chrysanthemum. Smooooth.
Message: Hand Serum $8. 95;
$14 facial serum95, www. lushusa. com —C. H.
The apartment is great: These ballet flats from Tieks may be ideal travel shoes for wearing on a plane or in a hotel room.
Shoes made of Italian leather are lightweight-
About 12 ounces.
Strong enough to wear outside. The split-
The sole design allows you to fold them in half and hide them in a compact bag, then tuck them into your wallet or carry them with youon bag.
Tieks have 41 colors and patterns but they let me put on their jazz turquoise sole.
Message: from $165tieks. com —A. H.
Just for fun safari: why not under \"book?
Well, more than that.
Tactfully said: the day when \"Safari\" arrived, I would get all my work done, but I started playing with it and soon Time stopped because the book didn\'t.
It was promoted as a special book, each page of which was created by Dan Kenning with Carol Kaufman\'s text, with moving images, so that the rhino or zebra can move slowly or quickly as you like, just twist these pages.
It\'s not electronic, so it works for kids. of all ages. Info: $24. 95, www. workman. com —C. H.
E-sightseeing believe: TelyHD may just be a ticket if you want to make sure the house and spouse are in good condition while you are away.
You can connect the device if you have a hd TV and Skype account (
Easy enough for non-geeks)
, Login to your Skype account, voil-
This is video Skype on steroids (
Depending on the size of your TV).
Yes, you can skip TelyHD and use a laptop with a webcam, but the feeling is spacious and relaxing.
Warning: I called a colleague in Washington and she didn\'t have makeup either.
We were shocked at each other.
Information: $249, www. telyhd. com —C. H.
If space is not an object, fashion is, then consider the different headset experience.
I tried an iLuv ReF headset with a red canvas look;
They are made for iPod, iPhone and iPad, as well as some Android devices and Kindle.
The music experience is rich and, most importantly, the phone shields most of the noise from travel.
The only downside is that my ears are getting hot.
The price for reason and style seems to be small. Info: $129. 99, www. iLuv. com —C. H.
Double joy: How many times have we been told, \"You can\'t have it in both directions \"?
Sorry, but you can use Polaroid to Z2300.
This camera has a digital zoom of 6 times and can be printed and 10-
Million pixel digital file.
You put the ZINK photo paper in, take a picture and click print.
The fingerprints are not big (
2 inch by 3 inch)
But they will tell you that, to some extent, the numbers sometimes can\'t tell you if the shot is a goalkeeper or not.
720 p HD video can also be taken.
The camera is bulky than your previous digital camera, but still interesting on the cake --and-eat-it-too way. Info: $159. 99, www. polaroidstore. com —C. H.
Capacitor gloves: it\'s winter and you\'re visiting grandma in Minnesota and Uncle Fred in Boston and you need to call or text Fred.
This means you have to take off your gloves to use the phone so your fingers freeze.
Enter one of Boss Tech-
Cashmere knit touch screen gloves with six fingers to work with your phone/tablet/Electronicsreader screen.
There are many such gloves outside;
I love these because they don\'t break the bank and have all kinds of colors that fit my short thick fingers like gloves.
Message: $6 or less from various merchants.
Highway. com —C. H.
Book Trivia: It takes a special person to like disgusting America.
\"Fortunately, there are a lot of people among my friends and family who will like half of Richard Falk
Encyclopedia of places such as the Lyra hair museum in the independent city of Missouri. (
Pay attention to the practice of hair dyeing art in Victorian era)
The waste lagoon in eastern North Carolina and the statue of the Delaware Donner Party in California.
Well, I think it\'s a taste problem.
I mean, this book. Info: $13. 95, www. penguingroup —C. H.
Movable Feast: James osselland, editor of Saveur magazine, wrote in his preface to The World Guide for food lovers, \"there is no better way for me to understand a place
Let it enter your heart
Instead of eating its food.
I can always find my way through the food.
In the gorgeous illustration of this cup of coffee
At the table, you will find food and drinks, recipes from many countries (
Pork vindaloo from India, bibimap from Korea)
And an explanation of the local food that is unique to these places.
There is even an entry for California cuisine. Info: $39. 99, www. lonelyplanet. com —C. H.
Exciting: not all of us are going hiking, but that doesn\'t mean we can\'t dream of seeing gelada bab for it.
In the great adventure of Lonely Planet, readers experience a series of amazing travel experiences and illustrate them with beautiful photos.
Wash elephants in Thailand (
Even a gentle traveler can do that)
Driving El Camino de la Muerte (Road of Death)in Bolivia (
It seems redundant for the highway
Love California people)
This book will immerse you in a world without chain restaurants and shopping malls. Info: $39. 99, www. lonelyplanet —C. H.
Andrew McCarthy\'s \"The Longest Way Home: The courage of a person to seek to settle down\".
As a traveler and writer, an actor was born again.
\"They said it was the \'eat prayer love\' of men,\" co-
The owner of the Los Angeles traveler\'s bookcase sold a lot of books.
Freitas says the key is \"It\'s not too selfabsorbed.
\"Information: $26, printed.
Simon SchusterBusiness/free travel-
Christopher Reynolds comes together: if you\'re stuck in an armchair, Craig Brown\'s \"Hello, Goodbye, hello: The Circle of 101 Extraordinary meetings\" can reproduce the unexpected growth of travelers
The book is researched and written with amazing precision and rich British wisdom, telling a series of strange encounters between celebrities.
Frank Lloyd Wright meets Marilyn Monroe
Stravinsky meets with Disney of the United States.
Marx meets with T. S. Eliot.
Martha Graham meets Madonna
Oh, 1,001 words per chapter.
Brown is a British critic, an ironic writer, and looks obsessed.
Vanity Fair called the book a feat of narrative engineering \". \" Info: $26. 95, www. Simonandshuster. com —C. R.
In the long run: London: A Portrait of a city, edited by ruer King, is a panoramic view of London in color and blackand-
White photography from Victorian to present. The image-
The savvy people in Taschen gave London the same delicate, provocative treatment that they gave to our hometown in this year\'s \"Los Angeles: A Portrait of a city \"(
It\'s not a bad choice either). Info: $69. 99, www. Taschen. com —C. R.
Rosemary Bailey, Catherine Swanley and Ellen Tillier\'s DK witness Travel Guide: Paris is a travel guide rich in maps, charts and images.
Daniel Jacobson, manager of the remote land Bookstore in Pasadena, said DK\'s book \"reduces a lot of possible confusion by presenting things intuitively. . . .
This is a good book for an expensive but popular city.
Information: $25, www. TravelDK. com —C. R.
From Us to You: \"SoCal Close-
Ups: christopher Reynolds and the Los Angeles Times\'s \"Your Holiday Guide\" include about 40,000 words in an ebook or iPad app for hotels, restaurants, museums, bars, parks, Los Angeles and beaches and shops in Orange County.
Los Angeles Times SoCal Close-
Ups \"is a visual feast that combines text with about 600 photos of time photographers and a dozen videos, breaking the L. A.
And Orange County into 12 chapters. Info: $4. 99 for ebook; details at .
In Apple\'s App Store, the iPad app is 99 cents per chapter ,-
Times staff travel @ latimes
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