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7 ways to use gray decor without feeling depressed

by:Sunshinepack     2019-09-09
One of the biggest reservations people have when decorating with gray is that it looks too \"frustrating \".
\"This is a legitimate concern.
But we are here to tell you that it is not necessarily the case.
The gray decoration looks delicate. we dare say that it will be optimistic to do it right.
We looked at this episode the real home appearance manual to find out how to choose the right Gray for your family.
Step 1: Get as many samples as possible and place them side by side.
In this way, you can divide the warm and cool gray areas better. If it\'s a blue-
It\'s gray and looks cool, and it looks warmer and more comfortable if it\'s gray, mixed with a little yellow.
Another rule to keep in mind is: the bigger the room, the deeper the Gray should be.
Brhome look book host Bryn Lucas also reminds us that it is not the only way to incorporate gray into your decor.
The gray sofa, he says, is \"a classic choice and always looks very delicate \".
Just make sure to emphasize it correctly with a brighter accessory in a striking color.
There are seven ways to make it look beautiful. 1.
Decorate a gray sofa with a pile of white pillows to make it bright.
Credit: velvet leaf photography 2.
Or choose the gray color palette as a neutral background to highlight the eye-catching sofa. 3.
Paint bright colors on the walls of the child\'s room to keep things optimistic. 4.
The \"real home look book\" says that the matching of gray walls and wooden furniture creates a \"complex and simple look \".
\"The family seems to have received a memo. 5.
In contrast to the dark gray sofa, the gray walls are lighter and the pillows are very bright and can be punched extra. 6.
Use gray as a highlight color on all colors
Put a gray pillow in the middle of the bed and become a white bed. 7.
Even the stairs may be gray.
Paint the railings and the top of the stairs with light colors, bringing some extra prosperity to the often overlooked parts of the house.
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