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3 Reasons Your Business Is Spending Too Much on Packaging

by:Sunshinepack     2020-04-01
Finding the right materials to package your product can be a task that's easy to overlook. Have you ever looked at how much money you're spending on packaging? It's very easy to spend much more than is necessary, even without realizing it. Small businesses often make these three mistakes: 1.) Buying packaging supplies from a retail outlet This one of the biggest ways small businesses waste money. Big retail stores have incredible margins on packaging supplies. If you buy foam sheets, foam peanuts, bubble wrap, plastic wrap, or any related products from one of these stores you're likely making a mistake. Instead, you should be contact a manufacturer or distributor of packaging supplies. These industrial companies deal in massive quantities and are able to offer discounts that retail stores cannot compete with. A manufacturer may be able to sell you packaging supplies for anywhere from 25-75%less than what you're currently paying. 2.) Ask about similar packaging products that are cheaper Now that you've contacted a manufacturer, don't accept the first price that is thrown your way. Ask the company if they have a similar product that meets your needs that is cheaper. Many times a small business will purchase packaging that is either overkill or an expensive version of what is available. The employees at this companies will often have decades of experience in the packaging industry. At their advice, you may be able to redesign your packaging or use a different type of foam which saves a substantial amount of money. Why pay for premium high density packaging foam when a cheaper product will do? 3.) Not buying in bulk quantities This is a major problem when it comes to your packaging needs. Packaging products are very expensive to ship for one major reason: They are light. Light products take up space on a shipping truck the same as any other, but you might pay $40 to ship a box of materials worth less than $40. To get the best deal, it is absolutely essential that you figure out how much packaging you need in advance, and purchase it this way. If you purchase enough, it can be shipped through a freight carrier which can offer much more competitive rates than traditional carriers. If you buy in bulk and ship through a freight carrier, your price per piece becomes much more affordable. Do yourself and your small business a favor. Contact a manufacturer or distributor of packaging supplies, have them figure out the best option for you, and buy in bulk. You'll save a lot of money.
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