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2-stage air bags new for fall.

by:Sunshinepack     2019-08-16
Byline: Catherine Strang Associated Press at car dealers this fall: new, more sophisticated airbags that adjust their inflation force to the severity of the collision to better protect passengers
It\'s no longer just a hightech concept. So-called dual-
Some luxury cars and some of the country\'s most popular family cars have stage airbags on 2000 models --
Ford Taurus and Honda Accord.
Safety experts say the new technology will reduce casualties caused by the airbag explosion, which has caused strong public protests.
In a serious crash, when passengers need the full power of these devices to cushion them, the new bag expands with the same strength as the 1999 model.
But in low-speed collisions, the airbag opens at least 20% less.
Sensors at the front of the car detect the severity of the collision by calculating the change in speed of another object (such as the car) when it hits a collision.
Another sensor records whether the front seat belt has been buckled.
If the belt is used, the full force of the airbag will be delayed to a higher speed when needed.
\"We have one in the car today --bag-fits-all mentality.
This has changed everything, \"said Stephen Kozak, a Ford engineer who oversees the development of the Taurus system.
Government officials, car manufacturers, insurance companies and safety advocacy groups agreed that the new technology would reduce casualties from airbags.
Especially small children and short adults. in low-speed crashes.
It reduces risk (
Number of deaths and injuries)
\"In order to better customize the airbag inflation to cope with the accident, this initiative has achieved remarkable results,\" he said . \"
Ricardo Martinez, director of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
At least 145 people died in air bags.
Most of them are children and short women. in low-
The federal security regulator says victims should survive otherwise.
In higher places, airbags also save the lives of about 4,600 people. speed crashes. CAPTION(S)
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